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  1. @Missannon: For which Master's program did you apply? I got admitted today for the Physics Master's, but I still have not heard anything from the ESOP.
  2. Hey, I see only one who got an interview for the ESOP, the others got admitted just to the Master's program I guess. Which program did you apply for? It also depends on the departements I think, but if we do not have an interview in February, we most probably will not get the ESOP.
  3. Hi, I applied for the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme along with a MSc Physics application and I thought it might be useful to open a thread to talk about the admission results and interviews. Until now, I still have not heard from both the scholarship and the study program. Has anyobody already heard from them or gotten an interview for the ESOP scholarship, yet, or knows when the interviews will take place?
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