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  1. I got into Rutgers University's Master of Library and Information Science program!

  2. Going to submit apps this week!  Fingers crossed.   😃

    1. avidnote


      Few things as exciting as filling out applications and eagerly awaiting results :) 

  3. Got accepted to Columbia University School of Social Work for fall 2019!  I am over the moon.  😍

    1. MettaSutta


      It's for their MSW program!  Specialization in Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice and Specialization in Mental Health & Disabilities. 

    2. PrivateAle


      Congratulations, friend! ❤️ I know you will do amazing!

  4. Recent law school graduate here!  I'm willing to field questions from Gradcafe users about the LSAT, law school application process, the JD program itself, legal jobs, maintaining your sanity, etc.  ?

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