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  1. Anyone hear back from Rutgers?!
  2. The conventional wisdom is that ranking doesn't matter for hiring, so long as the school is ALA accredited.
  3. For those of you who applied to Rutgers, how long did it take to hear back?
  4. Congrats! Did you make a decision?
  5. How long did people wait to hear back from Rutgers and USC (online)?
  6. Ok I already have a J.D. and several years of full-time legal work experience. Good to know that it will make me more competitive as a job applicant.
  7. How's the market for law librarianship in particular?
  8. Not yet! I am clerking. But that is my dream job. I'm presently applying to MLIS programs.
  9. Going to submit apps this week!  Fingers crossed.   😃

  10. Greetings! Applying for fall 2020. What outside (i.e. not institutional) scholarships are you folks applying to? I really don't want to take out loans and hope to go as cheaply as possible.
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