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    i would say that if ur lawyer said u dont need to, then don't
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    SpeechGoddesslol got a reaction from SLPdreamer1996 in Dropping grades after acceptance   
    wow!! i am not alone!  i am also worrying about this since i am taking chem. i actually have a 3.5 right now and worried that my GPA will drop to a 3.497. A lot of my friends said that this should not happen and for most courses you need at least a C to be okay (even though i'm not okay with a C). This post totally just gave me relief because I totally feel the same way. Me and my friends have absolutely no motivation and i think you're right - it could be because of the apps and gre and everything. Plus graduation is coming! Keep it going though! You will get through it. I see you got some A's in there. I think you will be fine. Alsoooo, chem and stuff isn't really required for your major (just for the license - at least in the US) so you will be ok.
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