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  1. 10 hours ago, Tigla said:

    begin talking about possibly sponsoring your trip as a host university, not financially

    I really appreciate your valuable advice! But could you tell me more about what "sponsoring" exactly means? I do not well understand that an academic advisor or an academic institution "sponsor" my research even if they would not provide any practical assistance during my research. Is it just nominal? 

    Plus, I would appreciate if you give me more information about 'new target topics' you mentioned above. I'm from an Asian country and interested in the German's everyday life under the Division and Cold War. So I plan to examine and collect local sources from my desired local archives. Do you think I have little chance to get the grant? 

  2. Hi, I just finished my master degree and I'm considering apply for the DAAD short-term research grant hoping that I could research in some German archives.

    So, I need some advice from those with relevant experiences. 

    According to the DAAD's notice, applicants are required for the confirmations from Doktorvater/-mutter(academic advisor) and the host institution. Following is the exact statement 

    "Letter confirming supervision by an academic adviser in Germany, which refers to the applicant's proposal and confirms that the host institute will provide a workplace"

    I think this "supervision" means the case in which someone researches in labs, especially in the fields of engineering or natural sciences. But I don't think I would need advice or a workplace while doing my research because most I have to do will be find, read and collect primary sources in the archives. 

    For historical researches, how should I prepare those 'confirmations'?

  3. Hello, I am considering applying to a doctorate program in history.

    When I visited the website of the history department of Stanford last year, Edith Sheffer was posted as an associate professor on the website, but now she is introduced as a senior fellow in Institute of European Studies, UC Berkeley. She is not posted on the Berkeley's.

    I really want to be advised by her later. So, which school should I apply to? Can I mention her as POI when I apply to Stanford? Please give me some tips

  4. Yeah.. I've also heard that if there are too many applicants, admission committees first screen all applicants through GRE scores.

    But there is nothing you can do about it. just focus on what you have to do right now, and make your every effort to meet average score of the admitted. 

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