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  1. doodlydoe

    Commuting to grad school?

    I think you can do well in the accelerated program, they wouldn't have accepted you otherwise! The time, energy, and gas/mileage you save from not choosing school B can be invested into school A. And then you graduate a semester earlier and get into the real world sooner too. I'll add in a disclaimer however that I am someone who's commuted an hour or more depending on traffic (and then parking was its own issue) throughout undergrad and I know just how draining it is. No one needs that in grad school. Trust your abilities, and work your ass off in grad school. You'll do great.
  2. Honestly it feels like a no-brainer to take that full tuition + stipend, if you're fine with living in that horrendous weather up there. Just my opinion but I think it's entirely worth it to do one more year of long distance in order to get out debt free. If you already feel good about UIUC's program, then don't be fooled by the idea of attending a "dream school" when we're all learning the same thing and getting the same degree. Again, just my take on it!
  3. doodlydoe

    Questions for a current grad student!

    @bibliophile222 great stuff!! Thank you for sharing! As a grad student, do you feel burn out? If so, how do you cope?
  4. doodlydoe

    Questions for a current grad student!

    Hi! Can you speak on your clinic experiences i.e prepping for therapy, how it is with clients and their families, clinical educators, etc
  5. doodlydoe

    Facebook Groups for Programs

    Some of us don’t use facebook
  6. This is far more important than following a graph categorizing your ENTIRE application on GPA alone.
  7. doodlydoe

    Texas schools?!?!!

    I've heard in the previous years they've emailed applicants to go and check the applyweb portal to find out their admissions decision
  8. I wanted to apply to 5 or 6 out of worry and self-doubt - but I decided to save my money, trust my apps, and pray hard instead. I narrowed down to 4 schools, any of whom I'd absolutely love to attend no matter which I end up at. I chose the right kinds of schools for my stats and experiences and it ended up working out perfectly.
  9. doodlydoe

    Funding Opportunities

    Let me PM you
  10. doodlydoe

    Funding Opportunities

    I was recently accepted to Texas Christian with 80% funding (and possibly more to come, depending on how much funding the department can get) for an 8 hour graduate assistantship. The fee per credit hour is obviously much higher than public school programs but this is still comparably an amazing funding opportunity for someone like me who's paying for undergrad and grad alone/with student loans. It is a highly competitive program though with a small number of seats available, and I'm still shocked to have gotten one. I'm not sure if they offer everyone they accept the same kind of funding, but I know that all who end up attending receive the funding.
  11. doodlydoe

    Texas schools?!?!!

    Hi, I applied to a few of the same schools as you. I heard from UT Health SA on February 10th. I'm currently in undergrad at UH, and I know they will be notifying in spring break between March 11-15th. UTD has not gotten back to me with anything yet.
  12. I recently heard back from TCU and was wondering if other accepted applicants were offered a GA position? How much funding was provided with it?
  13. doodlydoe

    Come vent with me!

    Yes yes and yes. I am highly stressed about the expenses of grad school, but hopefully we will get through it like everyone normally does. There is a reason you chose this field, remind yourself of it in order to keep going. I do hope you get accepted to one of your more feasible options!
  14. Congratulations, that is amazing! Did your status change at all on the galaxy portal?
  15. The "awaiting documents" status is a glitch (according to their department) and I think it will continue to say that until a decision has been made. Don't worry, you're fine! The email you got requesting a final transcript might mean something good...

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