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    I have looked into some post bacc programs however I worry that I will not be offered certain courses needed to apply to a Master's program. I know that a lot of Master's programs accept different prereqs, so I would like to find a post bacc program which ensures I will complete the necessary courses for a decent amount of graduate programs. Were you able to apply to a lot of graduate programs after completing the post bacc at Pacific University? 
    Thanks for the reply! Which online post bacc program are you attending? And do you know which graduate programs you will be able to apply to considering the prereqs that you will have completed at your school? 
    Hi! :) I'd love to get into cal state fullerton especially considering that the price would be relatively manageable. I will be applying to their "pathway to M.A" certificate program in october this year. If I am accepted I will be taking a year of prereqs for the master's program and then will apply to the M.A program after I finish all the courses. Did you complete your bachelor's in another field or was it also in comm disorders?  
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    Brennn reacted to snoves in Graduate programs in Speech Pathology (California)   
    I want to University of Redlands for undergrad and have several friends attending for grad school! PM if you have any questions!!
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