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  1. FutureAuD03

    SLP grad schools that superscore?

    Schools are supposed to look at only your best scores. I did better on my writing my first time and better on V and Q the second time, so I sent both scores to all of my schools.
  2. FutureAuD03

    Confidentiality in SOP Personal Stories

    As long as you do not include their name, you can most definitely write about the patient, just refer to them as the client or patient. I would not even hesitate to do so because that is valuable experience! I am in the process of applying now, and will be submitting all applications in the upcoming week. In my letter of intent, I added a brief overview of my clinical experience, and talked about the disorders I have personally worked with in my speech and audiology practicums. I would add whatever is necessary to differentiate you from other candidates.
  3. NOVA Southeastern in Florida has a good online program as well. I have a friend that is currently enrolled in their online program.
  4. When are you looking to apply? Because by the sound of you taking classes, I would assume next fall?
  5. FutureAuD03

    University of Cincinnati AuD Questions

    Hi fellow applicants!! I graduate this December and am trying to get a list of graduate schools together to apply to. I am currently looking at the U of Cincinnati's Audiology program. I talked to a first year student on the phone, and she said they want a 300 or better GRE, but great clinical experience can outweigh that. Has anyone applied there with below a 300 and still gotten in?

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