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    Kingoflimbs reacted to HopingForOne in Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page   
    nothing wrong with marrying a rich dude 
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    Kingoflimbs reacted to drfigue in Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page   
    That one killed me. Some ideas for my upcoming rejections ?
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    Kingoflimbs reacted to echlori in What were you doing when you got accepted?   
    Due to time zones, I only saw the acceptance email in the morning over breakfast. I waited for a while before telling anyone else just to make sure I didn't get a retraction email again
    By lunchtime, it was clear that no retraction email was coming so I told my colleagues.
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    Kingoflimbs reacted to barbarr in Chances for Stanford/MIT ChemE PhD?   
    In case someone stumbles across this in the future - I got into all the programs I applied to.
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