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  1. Mhm, this is on the page that deals with application information: "The deadline to apply for domestic applicants only has been extended to April 30, supporting documents are due May 15."
  2. Don't think so, since they extended the deadline for applications for domestic applicants until the end of this month.
  3. You'd apply before September. Summer term hasn't started and they're already hiring for that. Not sure when it'll begin for Fall, but here's the link. From what I've seen of the classrooms, I'd imagine no more than 70 or so students to a class, judging by the biggest classroom. Start dates aren't out yet, but historically it seems to be the Monday following Labour Day. We probably won't find out specifics of all those details until July, which is when SGS will share the fees for the 2019-2020 year, and the faculty will update us with what courses are being offered and all that jazz. Meet and greet was okay. That section was last, and in a too hot room, so I tapped out early. Learned some valuable information from the people who volunteered to run the event. All in all, alright. The one in July will have more faculty, so in keen on that.
  4. Unsure if most you are aware, but it is possible to apply for TA positions since we're still under SGS. Could mitigate some of the issue with funding, but not all of it.
  5. Yeah, I got the same response from Carol weeks ago and shared the gist of it. Knew from that alone I'd be getting no funding, and now I'm in a position where I'll most certainly have to get that Scotia Bank LOC mentioned last week. Not even sure I'll be able to get it, seeing as I already have a PLOC from Scotia, and it's most certainly got a higher interest rate to it. It could cover the additional cost of the program that OSAP won't, but 7.5% as opposed to near prime will hurt me later. Gonna have to talk to the banks about that. Best of luck in what you choose, bud.
  6. najo

    First-Generation Grad Students Thread

    Surprisingly similar to your story, @CafeteroJr! Grew up around the same sort of stuff. Not MS13, but the same principle. Gangs, gun violence, drug dealing, I've never been a stranger to any of that. Friends I grew up with are gone or in prison, the whole 9. My parents had the same worries, but I stayed in my close by public schools throughout. I moved away from those early friendships around 16, anyway, because the guys I was close with were getting too involved (gun trafficking and dealing). I got by in high school, I was a pretty "bare minimum" person, and fixed that in the year between graduation and starting my undergrad. Got my BA in my hometown, and I'm staying here (at another school) for my Masters to mitigate costs My parents could never help me navigate this stuff, since neither went to uni here, just college. Going into the same with grad studies, but they're very supportive of me continuing my education, even though they don't understand a lick of what I'm doing. Grateful for them.
  7. Not a thing on my end. I'm not sure how they even considered funding, whether it's based on CGPA or the L30 (since that's what our admission is based on, anyway). If it's the first case, eh, I won't receive anything (CGPA 3.54 here). Feel like awards have gone out, since they said we'd be notified by the end of the month, and come Monday it's April.
  8. najo

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Waiting to hear about funding for my top choice. With or without it, I'm attending, but it'd be a nice cushion considering provincial loans won't cover my whole tuition, and I'm doomed to pay a few thousand out of pocket for the remainder + transport. Annoying that they've already made funding decisions but have elected to not contact anyone yet. All they said was that it was more competitive than ever for entrance awards. Like gee, that helps. I got funding from the other programs I applied to, but relocating isn't ideal for me.
  9. najo

    University of Toronto 2019

    I'll be doing my MI in Information Systems Design and UXD at the iSchool. 😅
  10. Considering Carol said funding decisions were already made when I asked her for an update, my guess is probably not. Worth a shot, I guess. I'd personally mention the university's name, at the very least.
  11. Carol told me that decisions on funding have been made, and those that received them will know by the end of this month. She mentioned it was competitive because there were a number of applicants with perfect GPAs. I shot an email back to confirm if she meant CGPA or L30, but she hasn't responded yet. Best of luck to everyone.
  12. I'm not so sure about whether it's impressive or not, but for comparisons sake I'll share other school stats in the field, particularly North American ones ranked top 10 within the iSchool's general field (library and information management). If they have multiple programs that fit into data science or UXD, I'll try and share stats for both where possible, but I'll mostly be focusing on the programs most similar to UofT's MI. #1 for 2019 is UBC. They don't share income breakdown based on specialization, and they only have one person in their last graduate class that had a sub specialty in HCI. Most everyone works within BC or other Canadian provinces, with the majority of grads (23/40 respondents) making between 50k-75k, and only 2 making more than that. #4 UIUC - No salary reports for MLIS, honestly. The MSIM, which is more relevant to data science, doesn't seem to have any career information up whatsoever. #5 UNC Chapel Hill (MSIS) - 21/21 respondents for this one, class of 2017. No salary reports. 95% of graduates either went on to full time work or further graduate studies. #6 Syracuse - Can't seem to find any report on what job titles graduates have taken, or how much they earn, only what places they've gone. Generally in libraries and schools, or school districts. Seems their data science and applied data science programs are new, and there's no career outlook PDF for them just yet. Class 2015-2017 can all be found here. #7 UW - Nothing in their iSchool reports outside of job titles taken on by MLIS and MSIM students. However, UW does have a few UXD oriented degrees, such as the HCDE, and the MHCI-D. Majority of the graduates in the latter case earn more than most MI students, and the employers seem to be relatively big in the tech sector. Helps they're on the west coast. #8 IU Bloomington - In their actual HCI/d degree, the average salary for MS students (across the Informatics department, which includes an MS in Informatics) is USD$85k. LIS department doesn't specify, unfortunately. #10 UC Berkeley (MIMS) - USD$115k median salary across graduates, with some big name employers under their belt according to their Class of 2017 and Class of 2016 reports. They don't report on how many of their graduates actually responded to their career outcomes survey, or share stats on the specific salary ranges people from that graduating class fall into. I'm willing to assume most remain in California and make a handsome amount due to the state's COL. For the sake of a more thorough picture, based on reputation alone, let's add some other schools with popular HCI programs that aren't under the CS department and report career stats: Carnegie Mellon - They've got 3 HCI related programs but I'll keep it to the one within the HCI Institute, the actual MHCI. Class of 2017 (page 8-10) went strong into the west coast, the salary range is USD$76k-125k, with and average of just under $97k. GIT (MSHCI) - Class of 2017 report (and the others) don't mention salary, but every single one of the respondents (42 out of 47 graduates) are working in the field, with a good amount in California. Facebook, Google, Intel, Disney, etc. Quite a good cohort there. UMich Ann Arbor - MSI class of '17 stats vary greatly whether the graduate is in public or private sector. Literally a USD$39k difference in favour of private sector on average, with the average for tech sector alone specifically being > USD$90k. Most tech sector grads work in UX.
  13. I sent in an email to admissions about funding, so I'll let everyone here know what they say in response come tomorrow! The Human Centred Data Science concentration is new to the program, so they don't have any graduates in it, so we're basically working off UXD #s here. I feel that survey of theirs isn't all that comprehensive. It needs to take into account what jobs iSchool graduates are taking on, whether it was a position that required a graduate degree or not, if it's entry level, etc. Are they going to Silicon Valley, Seattle, Austin, or staying in the city (either at the school, or in public service?) The latter would just pay less in general due to the cost of living here. I've mostly taken it with a grain of salt.
  14. Best to send an email to admissions. Maybe Andrea can tell you your current status, like she told health3. Possible you're just waitlisted and not rejected, or they've yet to make a decision still. Since the program has rolling admissions, it's hard to say. Regular admission without funding applications aren't due until the end of this month, with supporting documents due mid April, so I don't think April is a fixed reject-all month at all for this program.

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