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  1. 19 hours ago, jchen25 said:

    @CathyTsao I'm still deciding as I have been accepted to a graduate program that has the prerequisites included. It's a tough decision! Will you be attending?

    Yes I've already accepted it. Heard that getting the student visa is not an easy work recently for Chinese students so I need hurry. I'm not quite confident to myself so this is the only program I applied to last year. Hope to be more competitive through this program.

    I'm sure both graduate program and postbac have their pros and cons. So have a nice choice for yourself! And if you decide to attend this postbac, then hope to see you this summer:)

  2. I am a senior student majored in linguistics in China. I am very interested in speech language pathology and would like to apply a master program of SLP in United States, but my GPA is low (3.40 for the first 3 year and maybe only 3.27 by WES) and most of what I've learned is about Chinese not English. And Chinese course structure is quite different from that in States so I'm not sure whether my prerequisite courses are valid. I've completed a 3-month clinical observation of audiology in a Chinese hospital, and will begin to observe the clinical work of a CCC-SLP in Shanghai next month. I learned Chinese Sign Language, and a little bit ASL. I am working on my BA thesis about the speech sounds of kids with CI implants. 

    I now plan to take a postbac program in 2019 to get a systematic training in SLP so that I can prepare better for a master program in 2020. UW is my dream school but I learned that its postbac program is quite competitive. On UW website their complete details of 2019 postbac program haven't showed up yet. Can anybody who has done this program be so kind to give me some advice? Do I have to apply to CSDCAS or do the WES credential evaluation? Does this program need the personal statement, writing sample or some other materials? Do I need to take an interview? Thanks a lot!!!

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