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  1. I list mine by publication date 🤷🏼‍♀️
  2. Look at the interests of grads last year- if one or two folks with your interests just graduated that may indicate room for you.
  3. I wouldn't retake it. I think you've proven how capable you are in far more accurate ways than that silly test.
  4. My family is pretty anti-intellectual so it's been fun seeing their "that's not a real doctor/you're a cog in the liberal indoctrination machine" instincts clash with their very real pride and excitement for me 😄
  5. @Ranmaag “I just unleashed the saddest laugh.” Aka this whole goddamn process
  6. How long before there is just some kind of grad school Tinder where you super like all your fave schools and they laugh with their friends at you as they swipe a hard left?
  7. HAHAHA My dad remembered the word "Chicanx" today (I was so proud), but when the person he was talking to didn't know what that meant and asked, my dad did a big sigh and was like "please don't ask me that. It's just book stuff."
  8. @tacocat211 that's awesome news! It's going to go great! On another note, anyone else struck by how funny it is that this one thing has been so all-consuming for you for so long, but no one else in your life (or maybe mostly no one else) really gets exactly what the hell you're on about? Listening to my parents try to tell people what I'll be studying is always a hilarious reality check.
  9. Maybe this isn't relevant, but one of the things that swayed me to SMU was how dedicated the department is to growing its prestige. The resources they offer students are unmatched anywhere else, IMO. They want their students producing the best possible work, for the university as well as for themselves. I personally believe that this mission of theirs means they are and will be much more invested in my finding a job than other schools may be. Furthermore, while right now their placements are mainly in TX, they have previously mostly recruited students from TX, so it's likely many folks are not entering the job market upon graduation. According to their new recruitment head, the school is actively looking to diversify its incoming cohorts. I believe this means I have a good chance of getting support from the school when I do enter the job market with an eye to getting placed outside the region. In short, the school may not be quite where I want it right now, but they are actively committed (or at least seem to be) to moving in that direction, and I believe my success will be viewed as a part of that movement- good for the school. All I'm trying to say here is that there are so many more things to consider than just current ranking. However, as @rhetoricus aesalon 's comment reaffirms for me, the market is in general shite. We know there are many good candidates not getting jobs offers. This is just the reality. So I don't blame anyone for going with the top ranked program they get into. We all have to do whatever we can to try to make ourselves as competitive as possible.
  10. I think if you're throwing the "L" word around you might be pretty close to a decision At the end of the day this is the next x number of years of your life, and I think you should trust your gut. It's obviously done well by you so far.
  11. I just chose a program ranked at 108, so I’d also like to see responses from folks who did this. One thing I will say regarding private v public- personally I’m very happy to be going to a private school. My time working in student gov in Oregon in undergrad showed me just how effed up state funding can be. I think private funding is a bit safer and perhaps more likely to have COL increases. This is just my hunch though. Congrats on your acceptances!
  12. So glad to see this thread! I have so many books and I’m not willing to part with...any of them. I was planning on renting a trailer and towing it but I’ll look into media mail- may save me some $$$ since without the books I probably wouldn’t even need a trailer.
  13. Took myself off waitlist at BU and will decline Loyola later today.
  14. I just think of the dread and hope I felt being on waitlists. Makes it easier to send out those emails.
  15. Just FYI for future students, there’s no room for negotiating funding at Loyola besides a possible additional first year fellowship.
  16. Just sent an email to Loyola asking about negotiating funding, and let me tell you after years, honestly, of begging the gods to get into a program it felt INCREDIBLY awkward to essentially say thanks so much but you can you give me some more, please? I hope he responds quickly so I don't have too much time to re-read the email and sweat about it.
  17. I’ll say my convos with grad students have really helped. I’ve also reached out to a recent grad to ask about their experience in school and on the job market. My main stressor besides my waitlist sitch at BU is that my folks, who bless them but they don’t know jack about my field, how grad school works in the humanities, what the job market is like, etc, keep bugging me to make the decision they want me to. They even talked to my little brother about it to try to get him to persuade me. Dude. I’m 31. W T F. It’s so frustrating to have the additional pressure. Also it’s kind of taking the joy out of my offers for me. I don’t want to have to justify my feelings or explain things-this is my life. Worse still (because apparently some part of my is 14 years old), the decision they want me to make is the one I’m leaning to anyway. But the petulant teen in me doesn’t want to acquiesce to their BS, haha. Regardless I think I know what I’m going to do, which is great. I didn’t know how stressful this part would be. I think once I do accept an offer though, I’ll start to feel the excitement.
  18. Those acceptance tears are the best. You deserve this!!!!!! I just can’t wait to see what you do as a scholar!
  19. FUCK YES! GRAD SCHOOL BOUND!!!!!!!!! Ahhh, I am so proud of you and happy for you!!!
  20. This is so funny to me. I am a staunch atheist and all my PhD options now are at religiously affiliated schools. I didn’t even think of religion as a factor when looking at where to apply, except for wondering how it might impede my research interests. Weird to think that it might impede my job search...
  21. I don’t think so at all! I don’t think folks applying with BAs are expected to have conferences or publications under their belts. Lots of people don’t do honors theses (is that the plural? I had a lot of beer last night and words all look wrong today) and I don’t think that’s a problem either. What you need is a clear, concise, and intriguing SoP (that is also magically aligned with whatever the dynamic needs and desires of the department are that year, haha), and an excellently written and intriguing writing sample. Have hope! You can do this! And I would highly suggest taking that year to reapply over doing an unfunded MA. Just my two cents.
  22. I had a lot of professors at SMU ask what I’d done during my gap year. My response was working, reading, and counting down the minutes until grad school. Some professors I felt didn’t love this answer. I could have said I’d been working on things for publication, but after taking with one professor about publications at length the night before, I didn’t think what I’d been working on was really ideal. The prof stressed that, in his opinion, publications were really important if they contributed to a coherent idea of the scholar’s specific research goals. The things I was working on did not necessarily do that. They were related to my interests, but that’s all. The majority of the faculty seemed to find my answer, I dunno, charming? And then we talked about other stuff. And then I was accepted two days later. Obviously this is just one school but personally I did not feel any pressure to justify my gap year. I think with how difficult it is to be admitted to a program, gap years, willingly chosen or the result of a shut out, etc., there really shouldn’t be any prejudice against them. Not that academia gives a single shit about my opinions, 🤣🤣🙃.
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