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  1. You're so great, @Bopie5, I'm sorry that this year hasn't worked out so far, but I know great things are coming to you ❤️
  2. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

  3. kendalldinniene

    2019 Acceptances

    Thank you so much @Bopie5
  4. kendalldinniene

    Fall 2019 Visit Dates

    Duke: Feb 21-23 UC Boulder: Feb 28-March 1 University of Alabama: February 28-March 2 Washington University (WUSTL): February 28-March 2  Indiana University: March 1 U Wisconsin-Madison: March 3-5 Illinois (Urbana): March 4-5 Stanford: March 6-8 Northwestern: March 7-9 Saint Louis University: March 8 UC Santa Barbara: March 8 Florida State University: March 12 University of Minnesota: March 14-15 UC Santa Cruz: March 14 Kansas: March 17-19 Vanderbilt: March 21-22 Rice University: March 21-23 USC: March 24-26 UT Austin: March 28-30 UC Davis: April 2 U Oregon: April 4-6 SMU Interview Visit: March 3-5
  5. kendalldinniene

    2019 Acceptances

    I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! See you in March??!!!
  6. kendalldinniene

    2019 Acceptances

    I'm sorry but FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK, you guys, I am invited to SMU's PhD visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sobbing and screaming and SO THRILLED! Happy birthday to me!!!!!!!
  7. I did it in the second, mainly because I was feeling a whole lot of varied feelings, and wanted to give myself time to process a bit before saying much more than “thanks for the good news, I remain very interested in the program!” However, I see no reason why those questions would be inappropriate in your initial email. I think you should do what your gut tells you! Truth is I think we have a lot less control/impact on these waitlist decisions than we’d like to think
  8. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    You have a lot to be proud of, having worked through this whole hellacious process and seeing it through to the end. You will dominate next cycle, I have faith!!!
  9. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    I tend to think of everyone in English as a sort of fairy godperson rooting for students (I had an amazing experience with my department in undergrad), so please take my use of the word “lurking” as a gentle rib
  10. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    I’m glad you’re here!
  11. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    To any lurking English professors: please make yourself known so we can pepper you with very annoying questions like what GRE score would make our applications failure-proof and also make not-so-subtle appeals to you to wield your power for good on our current, clearly not failure-proof applications. Thanks.
  12. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    "Enganglement" made me giggle. I'm kind of gangly and very clumsy so I'm pretty sure I experience enganglement on a daily basis.
  13. kendalldinniene

    AWP 2019 in Portland

    Thinking about it! My brother lives up in the 'Couve and I used to live in Portland- I love it there.
  14. kendalldinniene

    Lincoln, NE

    I would love some current info on the city, if someone here can help!
  15. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    I like to think UCLA burned my $105 bill by bill while eating tacos and laughing at some error I didn't notice in my writing sample. But I'm dramatic...
  16. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    Last year after being shut out I kept having dreams that I'd applied to some east coast school and completely forgotten about it until they emailed the first day of class asking where I was...
  17. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    Same. I know it was always highly unlikely but I really wanted UCSB...would prefer to just have that band aid ripped off right now, please.
  18. Hey friends, I’m turning 31 tomorrow, and I’m taking the megabus to SF. Anyone want to meet up? I’ll be there all afternoon:
  19. kendalldinniene

    Anyone want to meet up in SF?

  20. kendalldinniene

    Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page

    University Of Michigan English, PhD (F19) Rejected via E-mail on 13 Feb 2019 I 13 Feb 2019 report spam GPA is from MA. Next in the seminal series of coping with rejection: cry in the shower, gain 5 pounds, have an icecream tummy, talk to oneself in the mirror, and then go back into the dark abyss of applying again.
  21. kendalldinniene

    Considered for M.S. instead of PhD?

    I've gotten into two MAs where I applied for a PhD. I'd say wait and see what happens. Good luck!
  22. kendalldinniene

    What time of day did your offer come?

    11:30 am and 1:30 pm pacific time
  23. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    Hahaha, you're awesome.
  24. kendalldinniene

    Anyone want to meet up in SF?

    Hope your kiddos feel better soon!
  25. That is very good to know, thank you!

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