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  1. I’ve been in Dallas a little over a month now (Lowest Greenville) if anyone has any questions! The city is awesome, dating here is actually fun, the art museum is mostly free...and the roaches are HUGE. 😂 Hit me up if you have queries! 

  2. 5 hours ago, Bopie5 said:

    I moved into my house on Saturday and my first orientation is this Wednesday!! I’m so excited. Class on the 26th for me too. I’m more excited than nervous but that might change as I’m walking up to the building haha!

    I’m super excited too! But scared also. It’s strange for me to be scared in an academic setting and yet there it is. I’m sure after my first week I’ll feel better. It’s hard not know exactly what I’m in for. 

    Congrats on your house! Please post or reach out after your first day! I’m excited to see how us 2018 applicants get along.

  3. 12 hours ago, EMeng31415 said:


    What are you guys' (especially the undergrads) choices for the WS? My thesis is probably not going to be ready in time and I'm debating between a more orthodox reading of Ulysses (an older, more polished paper) and a more theoretical psychoanalytic treatment of postcritique and the praxis of literary criticism (which I just wrote for a graduate seminar). The fact that WS length requirement ranges from 10 to 25 depending on the school doesn't help, either...

    Looking forward to being active on this forum for the upcoming application season and beyond!

    I applied as I was beginning my senior year of undergrad. I combed through my papers from classes, and expanded the one I was most excited about from 9 pages to 16. The professor for whom I had written the original offered to look over the new one thoroughly, so I knew the finished product was a very successful paper. Good luck!

  4. On 7/17/2019 at 10:05 PM, LittleShakespeare90 said:

    Hi, everyone.

    After a grueling few months of decision-making, I realized that I truly want to get into a PhD program for English Literature. 

    I applied for the Fall 2019 cycle, and I did get accepted to St. John's University and Temple University. However, they were both without funding. The admissions director at Temple said that my application was very strong, but if I wanted to enhance my application, I should retake the Verbal GRE and get at least a 160. My current score is a 153 for Verbal and 5.5 for Analytical Writing. 

    I also got waitlisted to the University of Delaware, which I was truly thrilled about. However, I was ultimately rejected. I got advice on how to enhance my application, and the director of admissions told me to pay no mind to the GRE, to just focus on my writing sample and statement of purpose.

    Of course, I am planning to retake the GRE. I would really love to study at Temple, but it would be a blessing to study at Delaware as well. I'm just a bit nervous about something.

    The clock is ticking, and I'm not sure if I should devote more time to the English Literature GRE or the General GRE. I want to stand out in the application pool, so I was thinking of taking the Literature GRE. I just know it requires months and months of study, even years. I am willing to do whatever it takes, but I'm working 12-hour days over the summer (tutoring and teaching college classes). I'm devoting my days off to GRE study, but I truly don't know if I should take the Literature GRE. I feel somewhat lost.

    My two top-tier programs are NYU and Rutgers. I would love to go to these schools as well, but I know they are super competitive. I just wasn't sure if I should at least try the English Literature GRE for these schools. 

    I'm glad that ETS has a Score Select option, but I'm worried about doing poorly on the English Literature GRE. If I do poorly, I don't have to show the schools my score, right? 

    I apologize for all these questions, but I would love to talk to someone who has experienced this before. Thank you so much. 

    Personally I think trying to get an impressive score on the subject test is an utter waste of time. Get that verbal score up, but mostly focus on producing the absolute best SOP and WS you can. Good luck to you!!!

  5. 14 hours ago, Bopie5 said:

    Apartment hunting from a distance is SO hard. 😕I know I'm going to find something/figure something out, but that doesn't mean I'm not stressed af.

    Totally feel this but everything will fall into place, I promise. For me it all worked itself out when I was in the Dallas airport heading home and feeling so defeated for not finding anything. I’ve got my fingers crossed you’ll have the perfect spot soon.

  6. I got to visit Dallas for a few days last week to apartment hunt and I absolutely fell in love with the city and the people, which I wasn’t really expecting. Then I found out the day after I got home that I got my dream apartment in my dream neighborhood. I’m over the moon right now and it just makes the amazement and gratitude I feel about grad school that much bigger and better. I’m so happy right now.

  7. 4 hours ago, jadeisokay said:

    i made it halfway through before i had to return it and i found it infuriating because of the style/format. there'd be a beautiful half of a sentence... and a citation. i couldn't get invested because i kept stopping to google things. fine for non-fiction but i wanted to enjoy the actual prose more. 

    I can see that! Personally I am digging the hell out of it. Especially since so many of the “sources” are fake. Talk about unreliable narrators!

  8. Wow. This is just awful. I think perhaps the best sources students deciding on offers can rely on, besides the media if a professor’s bad behavior has been publicized, are existing graduate students within a program. I certainly asked questions about this of current students at my institution. However, and this is what troubles me the most, asking students to be accountable for reporting this shit behavior is really unfair. Especially in programs like English where finding employment after graduation is already incredibly difficult, how can we ask graduate students to potentially burn bridges within their communities before they’ve even hit the job market?

    It seems like these sorts of environments which protect abusive behavior are holdovers from yesteryear, when people within these jobs were all white men, who not only enjoyed the privileges of education and leadership, but also the authority of being simply white and male. I like to think of English programs as being often places of real progressivism, but that is clearly, to some extent, wishful thinking.

    Thanks for sharing this article! It certainly gives one a lot to think about.

  9. 1 hour ago, Bopie5 said:

    @kendalldinniene Right? I also am switching climates so I literally have no idea what even to buy. Just starting to bleed out all my cash now lol

    I’ve spent more than I should have buying cotton and linen stuff because it’s so hot in Texas meanwhile I live in Sacramento where it’s hot as balls and my existing wardrobe works just fine 🤣.

    Just wait until I get into my new apartment and start decorating though, haha, talk about major bucks!

  10. 2 hours ago, Bopie5 said:
    2 hours ago, Bopie5 said:

    Recently my excitement and nervousness about my MA program has displaced itself onto irrational anxiety that I don’t have the right clothes for grad school 😂 Like what do people wear to class? I’m 100% overthinking it but that doesn’t mean I’m not resorting to retail therapy.

    S A M E

  11. Didn’t see imposter syndrome kicking in quite this early, but that professor of mine is asking for feedback on the proposed reading list as well as additions. All of these people have already replied all with great insights and suggestions and I’m like... *crickets*

    Do I even grad school, bro?


  12. I would not send in any application materials that don’t meet requirements! Personally, I took an 8 page paper over the summer and expanded it to 15 by incorporating new sources and delving more deeply into a couple of pieces of the original that were especially interesting to me but not fully developed. The professor whom the original was for thankfully offered to look over the new version prior to me sending it out with my applications, which was really helpful, as sometimes it was fairly challenging to see where the new pieces fit into the old, etc. Good luck!

  13. 1 hour ago, illcounsel said:

    It's so awesome that your professor reached out so far ahead of time!!!! That is so exciting. What are some of the highlights of the reading list?

    Besides how long it is 😭😍🤓? Haha

    A couple of my favorite books are on it, including Slaughterhouse-Five and Beloved, as well as a ton of Pynchon. I think I’m going to get a start on it over the summer rereading the books I do have already, for...survival purposes. 🤣

  14. Something else to think about is whether or not those papers would help to produce a really coherent idea of the scholar you will be upon exiting your PhD experience. One of the professors I spoke to during my interview process at the PhD program I’ll be attending this fall really discouraged the idea of publishing simply to publish (not saying that’s what you would be doing, but I definitely understand the desire to publish as much as possible without maybe fully knowing how those publications will speak to your interests/marketability later on), and spoke to some folks’ early publications as actually being detrimental to them when they entered the job market, because they muddied the waters as far as what that person ended up wanting to research and teach upon graduation. His comments really opened my eyes as to the purpose of publishing as a future job seeker within academia, not sure it’d they're helpful to you, but thought I’d share just in case! Good luck!

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