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  1. 33 minutes ago, arbie said:

    Just sent off decisions from the Madison airport as my plane is boarding. Literally. 

    Turns out my user icon was prophetic—burnt orange all the way. Headed to UT Austin in the fall!

    Congrats on making your decision! I know Texas is a big state, but maybe I’ll run into you at a conference or something in the future!

  2. There should be no limit to reacts today!!!


    Congrats everyone ❤️ We did it!  I’m so glad to have been a part of this community, for all the support, and for all the joy in seeing folks’ dreams come true.

    I just know in the future whenever I see some truly incredible thing happening in our field, I’m going to proudly be like hmmmm, I bet there’s a GCer behind that. 


  3. 2 hours ago, cassidyaxx said:

    Finally got an email back from BU saying that more people accepted than normal. Said they will be pulling from waitlist but possibly only one spot. They also said there are a few people they'd most likely pull before me (ouch), and said they'd keep in touch. 

    Too bad for them but great for UConn! Congrats on accepting your offer ☺️

  4. 4 hours ago, cassidyaxx said:

    Thank you! It is unranked and pulled by interest. I've contacted them through email and phone and have heard nothing. I'm not sure if others have heard. That's why I was asking originally. I may call again since I have other offers! Thanks

    I was in communication with Jonathan Foltz and he was extremely communicative, even getting me in touch with a current grad to ask questions, and answering my questions himself as well. He always got back to me within like a day. Try him!

  5. 7 hours ago, cassidyaxx said:

    Has anyone had any sort of communication with BU? I know several people had declined their spots but I still have heard nothing. I'm wondering if they will really be waiting til April 15th to notify us?

    Yeah my initial waitlist email (and I’m sure yours as well, of course) said they may not alert until April 16th...🙃🙃🙃 made it easier to decline them, that’s for sure.

    I hope you don’t have to wait much longer!!!

  6. I applied (the first time) in my last year of undergrad. I highly recommend you do the same. Firstly, there are some schools that have application fee waivers that you won’t qualify for if you’re no longer in school. Secondly-and I know this sucks- but you may very well not get in the first go round. So that gap year, should you take one, could then turn into two or even three.  For me, being out of school is agony, so I really didn’t want to wait. Since I didn’t get good offers last year, I still had to take a year, and it’s been, frankly, miserable. I’m so excited to not go through that limbo for an additional year! Being in school still, you have fresh writing assignments you can tweak, and connections with professors and what not for letters of req as well as, hopefully, lots of feedback on your application materials. I’d say if you want to apply, just do it!

    All that being said, I’m an older student with a lot of working/living experience already, so for me a gap year was really just returning to the wretched working world I escaped in undergrad. Other folks with different experiences may get a lot out of that year, and I wouldn’t want to negate that.

    Good luck!!!

  7. Anyone else feel kind of...weird...after making a decision? Not about the decision, but about this whole application process being concluded for good? All the hope and stress and self doubt and whatever else having resulted in a reality you couldn’t have really predicted months/years ago. It’s...just weird, haha.

  8. Hello!

    I would definitely apply this year if I were you. I don’t think schools expect BA applicants to have much under their belts experience-wise. Your GPA seems fine. I wonder if you have a professor who would be willing to work with you on refining your WS and/or SoP? Or several? That experience alone might strengthen their abilities regarding writing rec letters. 

    It doesn’t seem like BA applicants are expected to have publications or presentation experience so I personally would just apply straight to MAs and PhDs, unless you’re not sure what you’d like to focus on, in which case is just apply to MAs.


    As far as addressing the past...I went to four different schools over fifteen years before I finally got my BA. I didn’t address it. Granted I didn’t get into any top tens. I do wish now that I would have mentioned how that experience impacted my research, but IMO it’s hard to talk about the past without sort of infantilizing yourself, when you really want to present the most polished and developed version of yourself as a scholar. I think one thing to note is that having a non traditional trajectory towards graduate school can be a good thing- it means you’re potentially contributing to the diversity of a department.

    I think the most crucial indicator of how your past has served you is really the quality of your SoP and WS. So I’d focus on them, rather than on trying to explain what is a trying time for honestly most students.

    Good luck!

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