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  1. 54 minutes ago, grandr said:

    After thirteen rejections (and 2 more IR) I just got into the only master's program I applied for and I'm pretty happy about it, because it's a 9 mo. program on Irish writing, which is my focus! Trinity College Dublin, here I come??!

    TCD is so amazing, congrats!!! God I would sell an organ to be in that school and in that city. I don’t know how much work I’d get done surrounded by that accent though ;)

  2. Totally unrelated but the hotel SMU put interviewees up at is also being used for some kind of last round regional audition for Project Runway (overhead in hotel tavern yesterday). now as I’m waiting in the lobby for my shuttle to the airport I’m surrounded by over the top dressed creative types and the most obvious production assistant I’ve ever seen running around between them. I’ve been watching old seasons of PR the last few weeks trying to distract myself from the stress of waiting for results and now I’m trying to figure out if this is a good sign or a really, really bad one 🤣

  3. 2019 edition!

    I definitely wrote Penn State instead of UPenn on my SoP for that school. Three times.  Was able to correct it last minute but holy hell I still feel ashamed.

    Wrote “additionally” twice in the last paragraph of my SoP for Loyola. Got waitlisted though so I guess they didn’t care? Better to think that than to think it was the mistake that moved me from the admit to the waitlist pile, which of course it couldn’t be. Of course 😛


  4. 30 minutes ago, awildsheep said:

    I'm still trying to figure whether I should visit (I'm also on the West Coast in NV!) 

    Did either of you ask about living arrangements from the program or are you just finding your own place? 

    I asked about funding and was told there might be some but they don’t know yet, and I should just book. Luckily my mom had a ton of air miles and Hilton points so my flight and stay came to about $20 out of pocket. I wonder though if current grad students might be willing to put someone up?

  5. 1 hour ago, Bopie5 said:

    I will absolutely! The program seems like a really good fit for me. Do you know where you're leaning for your decision for next year?

    And I LOVE Ireland--I spent almost three weeks there on my semester abroad. I really hope that I can go back *crosses fingers*

    Oh my gosh, would definitely love swapping creative work--shoot me an email!

    Everything is still so up in the air for me...I'm just hoping I have a choice to make.  Every program I'm waitlisted to/interviewing at have their real pros and cons.  Honestly I just hope I get to go somewhere.

    Ireland is seriously the best!  I've got my fingers crossed for you, of course.

    I'm going to send you my 2019 poetry doc!  I really loved getting your feedback last time.


    @warelin I fully plan on remaining active here whether I get in this time or not.  But I doubt I'll ever be the wealth of info and encouragement you have been!  I'll try my best, though.

  6. Just now, Bopie5 said:

    Awww wow heart warmed!! I missed you too--part of why I had to pop back by honestly.

    Heart warmed also!!! Please keep us (me) updated on your plans for the next year. Especially if you go to Ireland (have you been before??? I’ve been a few times and it’s legit the best place in the world imo). Also if you want to keep swapping creative work and edits, I’m super down! 

  7. 21 hours ago, awildsheep said:

    I got accepted into BU's MA--thinking it might be a shutout for me for PhD's this year. Are any of you attending the open house? 

    Got into the ma and waitlisted at the PhD as well. Coming from Cali so not sure yet if I can make it work but I’m going to try to be there! Would love to meet you both!

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