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  1. Moods

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    In my opinion, I think it's okay if the grades for the transfer credits aren't shown on your transcript. I think they just want to see what classes you have taken. I think you would just list the GPA that you got at the university where you got your degree. I don't think you need to take into account your community college credits. That's what I think, though. You could always email someone at NSF and see what they say.
  2. Moods

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    @loveandcookies I don't know much about immunology in terms of research. The NSF solicitation states this: "Individuals are not eligible to apply if they will be enrolled in graduate study focused on clinical practice, counseling, social work, patient-oriented research, epidemiological and medical behavioral studies, outcomes research, and health services research. Ineligible study includes investigations to provide evidence leading to a scientific basis for consideration of a change in health policy or standard of care, and includes pharmacologic, non-pharmacologic, and behavioral interventions for disease prevention, prophylaxis, diagnosis, or therapy. Individuals pursuing graduate study focused on community and other population-based medical intervention trials are also ineligible. Individuals are not eligible to apply if they will conduct biomedical research for which the goals are directly health-related, such as etiology, diagnosis, or treatment of physical or mental disease, abnormality, or malfunction in humans and other animals. Research activities using animal models of disease, for developing or testing of drugs or other procedures for treatment of disease, and statistical modeling for which the purpose is diagnosis or epidemiology also are not eligible for support." If your research falls under this, then that would be very bad and I would suggest writing something else. If not, you could always choose Life Sciences, other as your field of study and type in immunology. Good luck!
  3. Moods

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    @sbs96 I would take a look at this to determine what fits best for your graduate programs in terms of mathematical sciences: https://www.nsf.gov/funding/programs.jsp?org=DMS I think this should give you a better idea of what each of the programs mean.
  4. Moods

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    I just submitted my application. Eek! Now, I am just waiting for two recommenders to submit their letters. Double eek! Good luck everyone!
  5. In my opinion, I think it would be good to include your injury explaining you GPA as well as how it resulted in your current research interests. I am not sure how other people feel about this, but I think the admission committee would appreciate your explanation and also help them understand not only your situation but also your interests.
  6. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    I did apply early decision, but I have yet to be contacted by any employers and my employer status still stays unmatched. However, according to what I read in the previous forums, people didn't start getting contacted until early next year, so there is still hope for us yet! I started on my statement now and what I have been focusing on are detailing my career and graduate goals as well as my research interests and how my interests led me to apply to grad school, and how this fellowship will help me achieve my goals as an engineering and researcher.
  7. I feel like most professors are used to this type of thing. It is common for people to apply to 5-10 programs along with a few scholarships and fellowships. I am applying to nine schools and two fellowships, each with their own separate portals for my letter writers to submit to. When I asked them if they could be my LOR writer, I gave them a list of everything I was applying to as well as any instructions on how they will submit their letters. All three them of them were fine with it. I think if you are upfront with them about how many letters they need, then they should be accepting and understanding. If you just ask if they can be a LOR writer without telling them specifics, it might throw them off when they get all these emails from various programs you are applying to. I hope this helps! Good luck with your applications!
  8. Moods

    The Positivity Thread

    I almost done with my NSF application! I am feeling super nervous about it, but am also proud of myself!
  9. Moods

    Which Colleges should I apply to?

    Hi @mg0217! I suggest looking into North Carolina State University. While I did not study Computer Science, I did get an engineering degree there and heard many great things about the computer science department from CS students I was friends with. I would also check out the Electrical and Computer Engineering program there. They do a lot of programming with their projects. Good luck!
  10. Moods

    GRE Anxiety (Applying to PhD programs)

    I did only slightly better than you on the Quant. by 1 point, and I am a engineer (eek!), so I wouldn't worry! To be honest, I freaked out about my scores too (let's just say none of my scores were in the 160's), but if you make the other parts of your applications shine, the GRE won't be too much of a focus for the admission committee. Anyways, your scores are great, so be proud of yourself! Good luck! Also, sorry for barging in on the Art History folks!
  11. Moods

    Please Help Pick Safety Schools (MSE)

    Hi @misslitty! I am actually doing the opposite of you. I got my BS in MSE, and want to purse a PhD in BME. I also want to focus on biomaterials, but the tissue engineering side of it. Anywho, I am applying to a few MSE programs that have a focus in biomaterials. They are University of Delaware and Boston University. You might also want to look into NC State and the University of Connecticut.
  12. Moods

    Question about CV

    Hi all! I have a question about including something on my CV. So, I have a section in my CV about presentations where I put poster presentations I have done. I also am thinking about including the fact that I gave a speech at my departmental graduation when I graduated a few months ago. I am not sure if this is important or not, but I think it can maybe make me standout compared to other applicants. The speech was about my time as an undergraduate, in particular detailing my love for the department and my fellow graduating classmates. (The department I graduated from was small, so I got fairly close with a lot of my classmates.) FYI, I wasn't the only senior who gave a speech. My senior class voted me and another person to give speeches. Also, if I should include this, how should I write it in my CV? Thanks for your help!
  13. Moods

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I honestly feel like a piece of garbage. I am currently taking a gap year before (hopefully) attending grad school. I can't find a job, and I will soon either have to start paying loans or find a way to defer them. I am happy that I have time to focus on my applications, but I feel like not doing anything else makes me look super lazy.
  14. Although I love contractions, I have always avoided them when writing for a more formal or professional setting. That's what I was taught in school, and I suppose I agree with this "rule" somewhat. I think if you still want to get your story/point across in the 500 words SOPs without getting rid of necessary info., I would say keep the contractions. I feel like the SOPs for telling the admission committee about who you are, how you connect with the university, and how you will help the university grow as well as how the university will help you grow. As long as you get those points across and have them flow together (which it seems like you have already achieved, which is awesome), I don't think the contractions will be that big of a deal. Also, I just want to say that I hate the 500 word cap limit for some of the SOPs. I feel like that is not enough room to actually write about why you want to go to grad school, etc. Okay, rant over! I hope helps a little.

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