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  1. Moods

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I literally have to hold my last LOR writer's hand for every deadline. I told them in September about the deadlines. I give them a two days heads up and sometimes even have to reminde them the day of the deadline. I have three more schools they need to write letters to. I already applied to all of my schools, and I am only waiting on them. I know letter writers are being nice offering to write recommendations on our behalf, but this sort of situation is still aggravating.
  2. Oh my goodness. I can relate to this so much.
  3. If it makes you feel better, all your GRE scores are higher than mine. I only have a little over one year of research experience during my undergraduate. I definitely feel inadequate when I compare myself to others on here. I also haven't done any work related to my research interests. But I am trying to stay confident anyway. It's hard, but I am hoping at least one school will see my potential. The fact that you are doing a Master's is good! I think you should be proud of getting that experience.
  4. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    Thanks! I have heard of FermiLab. The work they do is a bit too physic-y for me, but it is pretty amazing what they do there. Accelerators are super cool!
  5. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    Thank you! Existential crisis averted!
  6. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    @cf6049 Ohhh wait, I am dumb. I know what ppt you are talking about. I guess my anxiety is causing me to panic a bit. Sorry about that! Also, silly question for anyone to answer: do your GRE scores appear red under the GRE Information section for the GEM homepage? I was hoping it is like that for everyone instead of it meaning my scores are really bad.
  7. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    @cf6049 When did they send out that email? I never got one with a PowerPoint attached :(.
  8. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    Also, have you all being getting emails from schools because you are a GEM applicant? I've gotten a few this week and I wish they had sent these out a little earlier. I would apply to more schools for free if it wasn't the middle of December already.
  9. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    Thanks! I hope so! Working in a national lab is my dream job! And yeah, I am applying for a PhD! Also, congrats on being selected. I also didn't get an email like the others.
  10. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    @ray92 Thanks! Hopefully this is good news! The companies were: 1. Lawrence Livermore National Lab 2. The Charles Stark Draper Lab 3. I can't remember the last one (is that bad??). I had a hard time choosing, but it was either the Oak Ridge National Lab, United Technologies Research Center, or Sandia National Lab.
  11. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    My status just changed to held! (Trying to not get my hopes up too much, though.)
  12. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    Thank you! I actually forgot about it until I saw this!
  13. Oh my goodness, I relate to all of this so much. You are not alone in thinking these things. I can definitely relate to worrying about grad school making my mental health worse. I guess with that you just have to make sure that you get enough sleep, take breaks when doing research, hang out with friends, and have some "me-time" among all the chaos.
  14. Hi all! I am sure I am not alone when it comes to feeling super anxious about waiting to hear back from schools after pressing that submit button. I know there is a Venting Thread, but I thought it would be nice to have a specific forum where people can talk about their worries while they wait. So, I am going to first talk about what I am worried about and then talk about what I am excited about if I get accepted in grad school. Worries: I feel like I don't have enough research experience under my belt, especially since I haven't done any research in the fields that I want do pursue my graduate degree in. My GRE scores are mediocre, so that scares me as well. I think the fact that I am taking a gap year and I am not currently doing anything "resume/cv worthy" right now will make me look lazy to the admission committees. I am also worried about paying for moving to grad school. I really hope I can get a retail job next year so I can start saving money for that. Also, I want to pay off my loans during grad school, even though I know I can defer them while in school. I just am tired of my interest accumulating. Excitement: Even though grad school will have plenty of hellish moments where I probably won't get enough sleep and be able to make meals for myself, I am ready to be back in school again. Despite the homework and stressful tests, I oddly like taking classes. I am even more excited to take graduate-level classes because I feel like I will be able to focus more on learning and less on getting an A on every single assignment. After doing that in undergrad and pretty much destroying my mental health, I am never going back to putting myself through that again. I am also ready to move to a new place and explore the area. Additionally, I can't wait to start researching something I am interested in. I am nervous that I might find out that I might not like it, but at least it will still be interesting enough that I can do it for 5-7 years. So, go ahead and just type away your worries about waiting, grad school, and anything else. Also, talk about what your excited about when it comes to grad school. I feel like doing both will make you feel slightly better.

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