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  1. Well I'm really hoping they do the same for '21 peeps and offer us a chance to start later. Because as of now they just say "you must plan to depart no later than March 1st, 2022". And I'm worried: 1) Japan (and other countries) won't even allow foreigners in by that time and 2) My plans kinda hinge on Summer/Fall schedule instead of Spring.😭
  2. Wait "again"? Are you referring to 2020 cohort people?
  3. Yeah I gave up hope for Fall in Japan a while ago. They haven't announced the cutoff for '21 awardees but I assume it will be like 2020 and we'll have until December 2022? Otherwise, I'm a little worries.
  4. So when is everyone intending to go for their programs? Fall 21, Spring/Summer 22?
  5. I also haven't gotten anything since the email with the FAQ and reminder to submit the survey. I wish there was more communication 😕
  6. I know everyone is winging it, but for people in the final year of their programs next year (graduating '22), are you willing to put off your graduation to stay matriculated? Wondering what I should do since obviously 2021 is not hopeful for most countries.
  7. Where's the log-in for Boren? I haven't been able to access it since getting results.
  8. Kinda a dumb question, but do you always receive the amount of money requested? Or do they send a follow-up email confirming funds (which may be less)?
  9. Absolutely freaking out. I am a fellowship finalist for Japan!
  10. Because its apparently been the 15th for the past few years maybe tomorrow, but Friday could be likely too.
  11. @AONomad I applied to Japan for Boren but also decided to try the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES) for Taiwan, and according to the group I am in on Facebook, the Taiwanese government already approved entry for any HES recipients so I assume Boren will be the same. Good luck!
  12. Anyone know if results tend to be early in the morning or if in the afternoon like the CLS? Wondering if results will be in the middle of trip I’ll be on next week.
  13. Would they seriously just skip awardees if they won it last year and travel bans were still up? That seems a bit cruel😰
  14. Oh that's true. I was just focusing on percentages, but overall numbers is pretty important too. I wonder what caused so manyless people to apply 2019/2020?
  15. "In 2020, the national nominating panel selected 119 Boren Fellows from 268 graduate applications and 217 Boren Scholars from 784 undergraduate applications." So 27.6% for scholarships and 44.4% for fellowships in 2020. Hopefully the upwards trend continues!
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