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  1. Congratulations on the many admissions! I'm waiting to hear from Princeton (though I did not apply through History department, but from East Asian Studies) and few others...Do you guys think things are handled separately? Because my subfield is Japanese history and I don't know whether they consider all the Japanese history application together regardless of department🤔
  2. I totally share your thoughts. By browsing this very forum I should conclude that every applicant was sent this email. However, it feels strange that they still are at first review stage...
  3. I received the very same email (and I asked the same question in the EALC section, because my field is Japanese History). I thought that by now they had done some sort of 'skimming' process but maybe I'm completely wrong.
  4. One question to senpais or other poor fellows who share with me this hellish wait XD I did receive today an email from Harvard GSAS Department, "As part of the application review process, the admissions committee has requested additional information from applicants regarding prior language study and language proficiency. In order collect this information, we have added a brief form to your online application record." Obviously my heart skipped a beat when I saw the email, even though rationally I do not hope to hear back until February at least. But does it mean they already did some sor
  5. I totally relate to it. This really seems my story XD (except that I do not have a fellowship, so maybe my application is not as strong as yours ahah)
  6. Worries: I will turn 28 this year, and I do not have any major research experience on my behalf, nor any particular work experience. Since I'm applying for East Asian/History Department (despite not having a major in History, I undertook several History courses with straight As), of course research experience and publications are somewhat less expected than if I were applying for a scientific program. Yet, I feel I'm somehow old and I wish I had more research experience and publications, but in the end my research experience is summed up by my three honors theses. One of my fears amongst
  7. Just one missing (but he promised he would submit it today, so I'm trying to relax)...I totally share your sense of helplessness. I don't think I stressed too much my recommenders, but they are in such a bad period that every reminder I sent was probably the last drop. I can understand your problems with relying on others (me too!). Anyhow, good luck to everyone ❤️ this is the worst period because we just have to wait (again, powerless!), but Christmas time is such a panacea for me.
  8. He just texted me that he was going to upload everything today and tomorrow (for the less compelling ones)...I will pray all day XD
  9. Same situation here. I've 2 out of 3 LoRs for every programme I've applied to (and in some cases the deadline was on Friday and Saturday)...and the third is missing. He said he was going to upload them on Friday, but he just disappeared. I've sent him an email on Saturday and one today, but still no answer. I'm not the type who sends every day an email, but I'm really starting to panic here. I really hope schools will accept letters in the next few days (given he ever answers).
  10. Actually, I've added it!! (Especially for Professor Smith) Thank you ❤️ Now I'm almost done with every application (and ardently hoping my recommenders upload every letter in time...)
  11. Chicago, Harvard HEAL, Columbia (History - East Asia), Yale, Princeton, Wisconsin - Madison, Univ. of Chicago at Urbana, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB (lol written like that they seem drugs) ahah! Good luck to you too
  12. Hi all! I have a question which is torturing me XD I think I have found the solution but I wanted more confrontation from you guys. Long story short, I'm now applying for Grad school (PhD program, Japanese History). Yes, I'm in a frenzy, yes, I'm reviewing my writing sample, yes, I'm chiseling my SOP more and more. But I have one painful doubt. My story is a very common one: I'm an international student (Italian), I have graduated with honors from High School and then I was pressured by my family to choose a suitable faculty. I had always loved East Asia (I took Chinese classes very young, and
  13. I'd personally go for TOEFL (had similar scores and I chose it). Just to let you know my scores: TOEFL R29/L28/S25/W26 (108) IELTS R 8.5/L 8.5/ S7.5/W 5.5 (7.5) I have made this decision mostly thinking of my writing performance, which significantly improved for TOEFL. Anyhow, as long as it is more than 100, you should be fine
  14. I haven't counted them lol XD I'd say 15-20 schools, maybe (I know, it seems such an enormous quantity). The first in line are Columbia and University of British Columbia
  15. I have talked (let's say I have sent a number of emails to everyone and someone was so kind to answer) to a POI from Wisconsin, who strongly encouraged me to apply wherever possible. I have a wide array of choices lol, so I give you the same advice: just apply. You really never know (I'm of course SO NERVOUS, also because PhD deadline is approaching so fast, so giving this kind of advices really seems weird ahha) And, as many before me said, tests scores and GPA are only a part of your application
  16. I have had the same problem back in Italy. Although not compulsory, a publication would boost an application. Still, it is somehow (I don't know in China, but given your answer I think that's basically the same) very hard for Humanities (again, I'm speaking about Italy ) students to publish anything. So there's this paradox: you're a recent graduate with very good grades but no publications vs an older applicant with publications, so admission boards prefer the latter. This is not of course to discredit people who have publications; on the contrary, I wish I knew how to do it during my MAs!
  17. I really hope that admission boards will share your opinion ahah! Thank you for the feedback I'm actually so envious of your work experience (we can say there's mutual admiration then)! My best wishes to you too fingers crossed!!?
  18. I actually hope to enter those programs, because they would be the perfect fit for me, but like anyone else one doesn't really know until the admission/rejection e-mail As for my profile, I'm happy to share it with you without any reservation. I hold a Bachelor's Degree summa cum laude from la Sapienza University (ranked #1 in Italy) in Japanese, a Master's Degree in Japanese from the same institution (not laude this time but still maximum, 110/110). I also have another Master's Degree from another Institution (very famous in Italy and Europe for East Asian Studies) with 110/110 too; this Mas
  19. Yeah, I was thinking of Columbia and Harvard's programs too, like @AnUglyBoringNerdsaid. What is your field? I'd like to study Japanese education policies in all its colonies during its Empire phase.
  20. I'm very interested in contemporary Chinese history, mainly because my research proposal is about Japanese colonialism, so I have to know some Manchurian/Taiwanese/Korean history as well (that's basically the reason why I attended Chinese and Korean classes back in my bachelor's and master's degree). Like you, in some places I'm gonna apply in EAS/EALC PhD Program, while in others it's gonna be History (even though my major is not exactly History). I was so curious about other prospective Japanese historians but it seems like I'm the only one for 2019 Fall Season in the forum XD
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