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  1. Here’s the insight: it’s holidays and the end of the semester don’t worry and just follow up after a few days
  2. FYI it’s like that for many top dev psych programs, like Michigan and NYU
  3. Some POIs do, but it was a school you truly should have/needed to email yourself before hand
  4. UCSB interview invite, Feb 1st is their interview day. PM me for POI (dev psyc)
  5. Ahhh Skype got an email from Stanford PI for Skype interview
  6. Me too, I also graduated a year early. So if I get in anywhere I won’t even be able to (legally) drink to celebrate haha
  7. I don’t think the psych department did. I already received an interview
  8. Wonderful! Also for your information, UCSB’s email system is down so if you’re like me freaking out trying to email someone don’t worry haha
  9. Apologies that was me, I applied to developmental. Skype interview for first week of January
  10. GREs are really school dependent. I talked to one of the people on Michigan’s admissions committee and they said they don’t even request to see it, it’s just a grad school requirement from the school itself. Minnesota on the other hand cared about it, especially the subject test
  11. To the peson who got the NYU interview, congrats! Was it a formal interview invitation or informal Skyped call?
  12. I emailed Stanford and they said you don’t send apps unless the request them (I.e. you make the first cut)
  13. I’ve obsessively been baking Im an RA to a bunch of freshmen so they’re loving it haha
  14. Posted this previously, but POI I emailed said the faculty there have started to review them personally. ICD I think is different not sure how they work.
  15. Can provide some insight to UMN. I visited there in October and they said they decide before the winter break, but the graduate school doesn't send anything out until January. So it's possible that their POI wanted to email the applicant before official results came in. Also, I'm applying to PIB program.
  16. Just had an informal chat with POI from Michigan, she wouldn’t tell me when notifications go out but there isn’t an interview weekend for Michigan, just a recruitment weekend (this goes ditto for University of Minnesota)
  17. It’s because for clinical the applicant pool at times is as many as all the other types combined
  18. To be fair I didn’t just send a “please let me know” email it was more of a “here are some updates to my application since I turned it in” email
  19. Everyone I emailed were professors. I suppose I was lucky that all the POIs I emailed over the summer responded fairly quickly to me
  20. So I was anxious and decided to do a mass email to be POIs I reached out to over the summer/early fall about my status, here are my mix of results Stanford: “We should be done reviewing by mid-January” NYU: “We are in the middle of reviewing applicants, youll have an update ‘soon’ “ Minnesota: “The applications have filtered our way to us faculty, I will be reviewing them soon. best of luck!” (Glad to know I made the filter haha) Yale: “Thanks for the update! You’ll hear from me soon” Michigan: “Expect to hear from me by the end of the week” UCSD: “Don’t worry,
  21. Anyone else applying to this? Seems to me not many people know about it (or don’t qualify either) but just submitted mine and it feels fantastic, the last “application” of this cycle
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