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  1. Hi, was this a mass email? Trying to determine if I should count myself out for this program. Thanks!
  2. This is totally acceptable and doesn't make you seem directionless. There are often a lot of professors with really similar research within the same University.
  3. I took the GRE twice before applying last cycle. My quant score was terrible both times despite feeling like I studied quite a bit. I'm considering taking the test again the first week of November but don't know if that would give me enough time to raise my score significantly. What helped you study for the GRE—especially the quant section? I don't know what is the most efficient use of my time/money.
  4. I had similar scores on the GRE (91st percentile on verbal) but a terrible math score (149) and still got 3 interviews—the highest ranked program being #11. My point being that I was accepted to an R1 clinical program despite my low math scores. However, having good GRE scores really makes the whole process much easier, because most top-ranked programs use the GRE as a weed-out tool. With my research experience (2 years coordinating a large-scale trial and 5 publications), I believe that I would have gotten more interviews had my math GRE score been higher. I tried getting my math score up really quickly between the first and second time i took the GRE but just wasn't successful—but it sounds like you have plenty of time to study and take it later on! I would recommend taking it again if you don't get the score you want (even though it's expensive!!). Hope this is helpful.
  5. Depends on the program you apply to. At the top ranked schools (i.e. 1-50), most professors won't even consider students who apply straight out of undergrad. They value applied research experience above all. So depending on what you do in your two research labs, it is possible to get in somewhere with no publications/posters, but you will need to apply to lots of schools to increase your chances of getting an interview. My undergrad GPA was low, and so was my quant GRE score, but I got interviews at top programs because of my post-bac research experience. I also had 5 publications and 2 posters.
  6. I haven't heard back yet but saw somebody posted that they already received a rejection email. I want to know who the P.I. was.
  7. I know this because I work here, but I do not know which professors specifically have or have not sent invites. Good luck!
  8. I was told I am first on somebody's waitlist. Has anyone every been waitlisted and actually gotten an interview after?
  9. Hi! To the person with an interview at UW-Milwaukee, can you PM me the initials of your P.I.?
  10. To the person who got an interview at UW-Milwuakee, can you PM me the P.I's initials?
  11. I'm applying only to clinical programs ?. My combined score is over 310 but my quant was lower than 50th percentile lol. I think the rest of my application is strong but hope my application doesn't get thrown in the trash because of my quant score.
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