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  1. McMurphy

    low GRE quant & clinical psyc

    It might also be worth checking out magoosh. They have a ton of video lessons on basic math principles and test taking strategies, and they also provide video explanations for all of their practice questions.
  2. McMurphy

    Fall 2020 Clinical & Counseling PhD/PsyD

    Scores are good for 5 years so assuming you are still in that range when you apply, it shouldn't be an issue.
  3. McMurphy

    Psych PhD Vs Clinical

  4. McMurphy

    Psych PhD Vs Clinical

    If you want to practice, you will need to attend a (hopefully APA accredited) clinical or counseling program.
  5. McMurphy

    Accepted PhD Position But Now Want to Decline

    Barring any major unforeseeable disasters, choosing not to attend a university after the April 15th date will likely result in burning some bridges with that professor. At this point, they are unlikely to offer that position to whoever was ranked below you. Out of curiosity, what makes you think you can't pursue academia at this university? Not all tenure track professors come from a higher ranked university. If you really focus on research productivity, you should be fine.
  6. McMurphy

    Fall 2020 Clinical & Counseling PhD/PsyD

    Go for it. The worst they can do is not invite you to interview. Just because you didn't get in last round, doesn't mean they didnt like you!
  7. McMurphy

    GRE Prep

    I personally found Magoosh helpful (did the 6 month plan), as well as membean for the verbal section (this was my weaker area).
  8. McMurphy

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    One of the best pieces of advice I got from a previous advisor and current letter writer was to ask for strong letters of recommendation when applying--dont just ask for a letter.
  9. McMurphy

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Absolutely this. During my last application round, I had 2 years less research experience and my GRE scores were not nearly as competitive. However, I still managed to land a few interviews, 1 of which at a prestigious university, thanks to my research fit and my SOP (definitely didn't have any connections to any of the programs). Ended up being first alternate at that program, which I think was largely due to my very luke-warm interview. It wasnt terrible, but I definitely didnt have the interview skills I do now and I think that is what hindered me the most. Stats absolutely help get you in the door, but excellent stats will not compensate for a poorly written SOP or a presumptuous personality.
  10. McMurphy

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    GRE was 161V, 170Q, 5 AW. No psych GRE. I had about 3-4 years of varying research experience, including an empirical masters that is in prep for publication and was presented at a national conference. I had experience at all steps of the research process though, so if you need more research experience, look for quality over quantity (1 year helping out at various stages of the research project looks better than 2 years data entry)
  11. McMurphy

    Interview Attire?

    Agreed with the above. Neutral tones are completely fine. Bonus if they're comfortable.
  12. McMurphy

    Fall 2019 Psychology - Where are you going?!

    Formally accepted my offer for the University of Houston today! This was my 3rd round and I'm 3 years post masters, so this is a great feeling. I am celebrating by cuddling with my dogs and planning my honeymoon (why I thought it was a good idea to get married during grad school application/interview season, I have no freaking idea)
  13. McMurphy

    Fall 2019 Psychology Doctoral ACCEPTANCES!!

    School: University of Houston Concentration: Clinical Psychology Type: PhD Date of acceptance: February 11th Notified by: Phone call´╗┐´╗┐ Super excited! Feel free to message me for POI
  14. McMurphy

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Me too please! Congrats to those accepted!
  15. McMurphy

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I received an interview invite for Washington State's clinical psychology program on December 23rd. Feel free and PM me for POI.

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