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  1. Thank you so much!! This was extremely helpful. I guess I will spend my energy on researching schools & narrowing down my interest areas instead of working on an Econ paper that will probably have nothing to do with what I would want to work on in the future. Also thanks for the comment on quant skills - it made me realize that I was worrying about things a bit to far ahead
  2. I've posted something similar before when I was still not sure about PhD but now I'm really getting serious about it so here I go again.. Program: PhD in Sociology (I would almost prefer MA, but only if funded... I have almost no financial security) Interests: Stratification, economic sociology (preferably marxist), also interested in interdisciplinary studies btw sociology and neuroscience which seems to be sort of emerging?! Undergraduate Institution: Vassar Undergraduate Major/Degree: Major in Econ with minor in French / didn't choose to write a thesis (fuck me) Graduate GPA: 3.88 GRE: V 170 / Q 169 / W 5 (I'm from East Asia tho and I heard there's some sort of a reverse affirmative action against East Asians regarding GRE scores lol..) Age: 26 Work/Research Experience: - Well.. wrote some research papers in undergrad (2 for econ and 1 about social enterprises while i was interning in France) and really enjoyed the process but other than that no publication, no thesis - I'm working as a tax policy "research assistant" at a big-name intl org but what i do is stupid tbh and I'm not at all interested in econ research. I could try to participate in 1-2 working papers before application season if that would help significantly? - Before this, I wasted 2 yrs at an econ consulting company which was very much against my principles and extremely soul-sucking LoR: thinking 1-2 from undergrad econ / poli-sci professors (probably not too strong) & 1-2 from work (could be decent.. idk) Concerns: Zero background in sociology, weak research experience, possibly not so strong LoRs. I could probably sell my quant skills but ugh I would really not prefer to do quant-heavy research just because I have skills to sell... Since I'm done with the GRE now I'll try to really focus on researching schools / research areas and coming up with a solid SoP for the next few months. The main reason I'm trying to go into sociology is that I've been trying in vain for many years to understand the problem of inequality through the discipline of Economics, but then I realized (probably long ago, just couldn't come to terms with it since I was a financially struggling international student who was desperate for some stability) that modern econ is.. umm... a total bullshit and it doesn't even pretend to try to answer any of the fundamental questions regarding social structures that underlie economic transactions. Of course I will try to explain this in a more academic & less curseword-ridden manner in my SoP🤷‍♀️. I might sound cynical and full of hate but that's just a small piece of me - I'm actually very excited and full of hope to be finally jumping in to what I actually want to do! So I guess my questions are: - Do I stand any chance? If so, which schools should i shoot for in terms of rough rankings? (I really have no idea how things works in sociology.. I don't care much about rankings as long as I can do fulfilling research surrounded by engaging ppl) - Should I try to participate in some econ papers (ugh) at work (UGHH) even if I won't believe in any of the things I write?? Will that improve my chances significantly? - Any reading materials / methods you'd recommend to not sound like a total outsider in my SoP? I'm not that well read tbh - Or just ANY advice is much appreciated!!! Sorry I'm a bit verbose... I blame it on my adhd
  3. I got my BA in econ 2.5 yrs ago and I'm currently working as a research assistant at an international org, but I really want to switch to sociology, most likely economic sociology. I'm planning to apply for PhD programs at the end of this year (also thinking master's, but I probably can't afford that and I don't want to take loans...). I went to a top 15 liberal arts college, GPA 3.88, GRE diagnostic test V-166/Q-167, and I think I will be able to be convincing in terms of why I want to study sociology, but my LoRs are probably gonna be weak and I have ZERO background in sociology itself, outside of the career-search & readings that I'm currently doing by myself. I'm thinking about taking one sociology class at GWU for spring semester since they allow non-degree students, and maybe even get an LoR out of that. Would that increase my chances in any way? I want to have at least a little bit of certainty before I shed $5000 Also, if I do take a course, would an intro class suffice, or would that be too cheesy and I'd be better off taking a more high-level class? I think it will be fun to take a class even if it doesn't help since I really regret not taking sociology in college, but it's just so much money... ?
  4. Hi, I graduated with a BA(from a top 15 liberal arts college) in econ with minor in French a couple yrs ago, and after long contemplation I have decided that I want to pursue a new path in sociology. I'm planning to apply next cycle, at the end of 2019, so I'm preparing to start researching & studying whatever I need to study. But I'm seriously worried if I stand any chance in top programs. I had no desire to do a PhD while I was in college and, being a rare sub-middle-class international student, I made practical decisions and never even thought of studying sociology or even taking a sociology class. Also I lean very much towards the left (not quite a Marxist but almost) but my experiences don't really reflect that Please give me any advice that you have! My stats: GPA: 3.88 GRE: diagnostic test: verbal 166 / quant 167. I could probably get something like 168/170 if I study Research interest: Inequality, economic sociology (maybe). I'm planning to narrow down for the next few months by reading sociology journals etc Work experience: - currently a research assistant for fiscal policy at the International Monetary Fund. Basically a data machine with not a ton of critical thinking - worked in econ consulting for almost 2 yrs before this which is basically useless - other than that, small internships at an immigrant center and a Parisian social enterprise during college Research experience: Just a bit in econ. Didn't write thesis, but wrote 2 pretty solid papers for econ classes. I could try participating in a board paper at the IMF LOR: Weak. - An econ professor in whose class I wrote a paper and did well said he will gladly recommend me in the future, but I only took one class with him and we didn't talk a lot - There's a poli sci professor who would remember me and might write a pretty decent, but not great letter - IMF economists will be able to write a couple good letters for me What do you think are my chances / what can I do to improve them?! Many thanks!!
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