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  1. On 12/17/2019 at 12:17 AM, thelilypad said:

    Thanks! I'm not too hopeful on the PhDs, but we'll see. My worst case plan is reaching out to professors in my intended field and seeing if I could volunteer to research with them. Alternatively, I might leave my current job and try to stake it out in biotech, given my growing biology background. I do have a significant work history in software engineering, so I figure I should at least make the interviews.

     Hopefully I have some edge at USC given my formal research experience under a professor is from there, I was a CS student, and two of my letter writers are current professors in CS there. I also talked to the professor I'm interested in doing research with, and he mentioned I might be a strong candidate. But it's definitely kind of scary since most of my research-y experience is under the table so to speak (aka doing it not formally but in the context of my startup).

    I'm sad that this year of all years like half the programs stopped counting the GRE.

    I think with a CS background you shall really have a good chance . (my major was CS too btw !). Curious to know, which professor you talked to ?

  2. On 12/10/2019 at 8:31 PM, thelilypad said:

    Undergrad Institution: USC
    Major(s): Computer Science/Business Administration
    Minor(s): None, unofficially Marketing
    GPA in Major:  3.83
    Overall GPA:  3.79

    Type of Student: White female US, 24

    GRE Scores: 170 V/169 Q/5.5 W

    Research Experience: Debatable. I used to run a company that I founded which well, I basically did bioinformatics for that. We actually were research partners formally with Cal Poly Pomona's Computer Science department, and I technically employed one of their masters students and build our AI model to find correlations in autism data. So we did research there, and I actually was a stakeholder for two of their graduate classes (where the teams built projects for us and I directed them). I also did some short research in freshie year, but not too much.

    Awards/Honors/Recognitions:  Trustee (full tuition merit scholarship for undergrad) USC Scholarship, Dean's List (not much for me here), graduated Magna Cum Laude - not much else either

    Applying to Where:

    USC C-Bio PhD, also MS Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

    UCLA PhD Bioinformatics


    Carnegie Mellon PhD C-bio & Masters too

    Stanford PhD Biomedical Informatics (+ MS too)

    UCB Masters

    Harvard MS in Epidemiology & Quantitative Genetics

    I'm interested in studying the etiology of autism and how genetic factors can be used to personalize treatment plans. I feel my app is strong in GPA, quant background, and GRE (but lots of schools don't care about GRE anymore, which sucks in my case). I feel I'm weak in research potentially (I don't have any papers, and the bulk of my research is informal/in the role of CTO of my company).

    I'm hoping that work + my story (my brother is autistic so I made the company to help people like him, got into an accelerator, etc.) might help my case.

    Also my Bio background is a bit peculiar too - as in I started formally taking classes (Bio I lec/lab + Chem 1 lec) this quarter. However, pre-matriculation I should have the gen bio sequence (bio 2, chem 2, ochem 2, + cell biology and genetics) complete. I also am predicted to get all or mostly As this quarter (I'm taking it through Berkeley Extension).

    I also have about 3 years of full time experience at a FAANG-level company as a senior software engineer, but I don't know how much that matters.

    I'm... probably an unconventional candidate. I think if I don't get into any of the PhD positions I want I'll probably wait another year, move to bioinformatics at some biotech company, and then reapply.

    Really sorry to hear about your brother. Hope you get into places you wish to join. I am A PhD student at USC Computational Biology and Bioinformatics btw. Started Fall'19. Nice to see a fellow trojan here. ✌️


  4. 33 minutes ago, Hougu said:

    I really don't feel like you should go to a school if you feel embarrassed about going to it, hell, I feel like you shouldn't even have bothered applying if you don't want to go there at all. If you are so dead set on going to a top tier school, maybe you should have used the money on your safety schools on applications on other top tier schools, at least that way you have a higher chance of getting the prestige.

    He is not embarrassed about his acceptances.  He is embarrassed about other people knowing he failed for the top tier schools. That is pretty reasonable and happens to many.

  5. On 2/1/2019 at 9:46 PM, Jericho said:

    In the past three days, I've gotten FOUR emails that my gmail account marked as "important" from schools with very vague subject lines. They have all been ads from schools inviting me to apply in PROGRAMS I DON'T EVEN STUDY. Getting the email and thinking I'll hear from a school for a flash and then seeing what it really is can be agonizing! But we made it to February, y'all.

    exactly same happening with me. uni of dayton ffs.. 

  6. 9 hours ago, DarthXX said:

    Purdue Graduate School sent me a birthday wish. Tempted to reply asking an admit as a present.


    Dang! I also had my birthday yesterday. Sadly,  did not apply here. Missed out a wish lol !

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