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    Waiting272 got a reaction from MostlyClinicalPsychology in Should I retake the Psyc GRE?   
    I don't think it's a make or break to have 90th percentile, and this is mostly based on what my professors on the admissions committee told me. However, I think it's best to have at least 75th-80th percentile given the sheer volume of people applying - they have to start filtering somewhere. The important of the exam all depends on the program itself. Some value it more than others. 
    The most helpful thing to study, in my opinion, is the practice exam that the ETS posts on their website. I know a couple questions from that exam showed up when I took it. 
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from PsyHike in Third LOR Advice   
    Not a problem! I'm not sure if you have already accepted the position or if you are still considering other places. If you have accepted to work there with the student, I think it's fair to say they already want you to be in the lab! Thus, it might be easier to ask to meet with the student and mention you hope to have opportunities to bolster your application in the upcoming cycle, where you are in the process, and then maybe ask if they have any suggestions for who to get the final LOR. This way it's not super direct, but enough info that they know where you're going. 
    If you're not a part of the lab yet and are interviewing for it, then I think this is also a great situation because they may likely ask you why you want to job this lab/this project. You can mention your interests and also your future plans. When it comes time for questions, you can mention what you seek from the lab and what opportunities there are to get an LOR/what is the process for going about that in this particular lab.
    Hope this helps!  
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from PsyHike in Third LOR Advice   
    That's awesome that you will get to work on a cool project! My suggestion would be to mention your intentions of applying next cycle before you join the PhD student for several different reasons. As you mentioned, LORs from PhD students are not revered as highly as those coming from a faculty. With this in mind, you can probably ask further or whether there's any opportunity to work closely with the supervisor/advisors while on the project in hopes to get an LOR from them. Another thing to consider is maybe they can recommend you to work with other faculty who are within the same department while you work with the student. 
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from OhHotDog! in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    Definitely try to broaden the range of schools you're applying like the person above suggested. I made the mistake of going for too many R1 university programs and not enough R2 or R3 ones. Nothing wrong with shooting for the competitive ones but you might be pleasantly surprised by programs that you haven't considered before.  
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    Waiting272 reacted to Psyhopeful in Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019   
    I guess the bigger question is how do you feel about carrying all that debt as you try to build your life and particularly with the thought that maybe if you had just waited a year, you wouldn't be in those circumstances. Which is scarier to you? The lifelong debt or the time spent better preparing to apply again and not actually being in a program? It might not even be so much about improving everything as it is about choosing better programs, and specifically, only fully funded ones. You could spend this year better honing what it is you want to research, and finding people that are the perfect fit for that while working at the lab. You can also be upfront with your lab about wanting and needing to be more involved so that your applications look better, or look for another lab. This could be a (frustrating) blessing in disguise. I personally wouldn't take on debt at a place I already felt I was settling for.
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from ItPhBeLikeThatSometimes in Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019   
    I will be completely honest that I may be biased: I lived in Philly my whole life so far and have great love for the city!!! Feel free to PM me if you want to hear more about living in the area as you make your decision. I went to high school right next to LaSalle so I am very familiar with the area.
    The area that LaSalle is located in is definitely more residential (and a lot more quiet compared to center city). Lots of opportunities to do outdoorsy stuff like the huge stretch of land/park by Kelly Drive, the trail by the Schuylkill, etc. There are also plenty of events going on in the city so if you ever want to get out and do something it's one train ride away. Commute is super convenient by public transportation.  
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    Waiting272 reacted to uk2013 in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    Rejected from my top choice today. Am wondering if it was unprofessional to attach this mp3 file to my response email. Lmk?
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from Waitlistedbuthopeful in Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019   
    Do you mind PMing me too?? I'm also in a similar situation! Much appreciated
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    Waiting272 reacted to inneedofadvice2018 in An Unconventional Situation: Thinking about Leaving PhD to Reapply Elsewhere   
    Not sure if anyone who read this initial post and commented will see this, but I just wanted to circle back to this thread to express my utmost gratitude to everyone who provided their insights and opinions to me during what has been a very, very trying year.  I am so thankful for this thread and for the GradCafe community as a whole.  After a lot of deliberating, I decided to reapply to programs and aimed for ones that were fully funded, seemed to have high-quality training, and had a mentor/lab that was a great fit.  It was not an easy decision, and I knew that in many ways, the easiest and perhaps shortest option would be to stay at my current program and try to make it work with the help of outside mentors and research opportunities.  Yet with the encouragement, support, and guidance of my external mentors/supervisors, family, and this forum, I felt that this was ultimately the right decision and that if I did not get interviews, I would be happy knowing that I at least tried my best to better my situation.  I was surprised and extremely grateful that programs did not discount me right away and instead invited me to take part in their interview process.  Although I was very nervous to have to explain my story, I felt much more prepared, driven, and confident this interview cycle.  In some sense, my current situation contributed to a nothing-to-lose and everything-to-gain mentality.  
    I am so relieved to say that I will NOT be returning to my current program this fall and that I will be headed to a new program that I hope will give me a strong foundation upon which to build my career.  If any of you ever finds yourself in this situation and would like to PM me, please do not hesitate to do so.  I know that each situation is unique and that the decision that made sense for me may not make sense for others.  Once again, a huge thank you to all for weighing in and for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with me.  
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from Waitlistedbuthopeful in Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019   
    I was told by a POI that he is on the lower end of the list of faculty to get funding this year. So if the class fills up with students for other faculty first, he is unlikely going to take anyone this year. Any tips about how to go about this/process this? Thanks in advance! 
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    Waiting272 reacted to imonfire98 in Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019   
    i would pray and hope there's room for you. not much else you can do but wait. i know waiting is hard
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    Waiting272 reacted to ommm232 in Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019   
    So I’m on a similar boat for one of the programs but I was able to apply to one of the fellowships that the university offers as a way to potentially get around that. I won’t hear till March 1st though. 
    I would check if there are any options available like that for you. 
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    Waiting272 reacted to 1996kayden in Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019   
    If I were you I would accept SMU. Fully funded is (for me) a huge priority. I would not go to a program that wasn't fully funded.
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from Waitlistedbuthopeful in What are people's experiences being waitlisted?   
    Have you listened to the series 'S-Town'? It is AMAZING imo, highly recommend. It's one of those podcasts that you sign yourself up for, don't really know what to expect, and get blown away by how raw the story is. 
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from dancedementia in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    May the stars align for all of us!  I look back fondly at how undergraduate admissions for college was much more predictable. 
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    Waiting272 reacted to philopsych in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    I think you're joking, but I'll give a serious answer: I got my PhD acceptance on April 15th...so hold on to the hope.
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from Psyhopeful in I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*   
    I'd say don't worry about it, likely happens more often than you think! POIs are probably super busy, and may just get to you in a couple days. I emailed someone the night of the interview, and they responded a couple days later. Don't beat yourself up!
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from ilobebrains in I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*   
    Thank you for sharing! It's def a conversation to be had, and probably a tough one. Congrats on the acceptance btw!! 
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    Waiting272 reacted to dancedementia in Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)   
    They're waiting to see if others decline the opportunity to interview. Given the crapshoot that application cycles are, I doubt anyone would say no to an interview unless they're REALLY strapped for cash or already got into their top choice. That said, Suffolk's interview is much later so maybe someone will change their mind between now and then. Good luck!!
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    Waiting272 reacted to ilobebrains in I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*   
    I think there are a lot of tips that are helpful like being sure to have a devoted amount of time set aside to have skype dates or visiting as often as possible. For me, I was LDR with my boyfriend for almost 4 years before finally now being able to move to him where he's doing his PhD (just got accepted to a program in his city!), and I think having an "endgame" is the most essential. You need to know that the time apart will end at some point--a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Otherwise, you have to ask yourself why you're putting yourself in limbo. You both need to be able to commit to the fact that you can see yourself being together after your respective programs are over. Best of luck! 
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from jamesmp in I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*   
    Can anyone provide tips for doing long distance relationship? All the schools I am invited to interview at are pretty far from home. My partner and I have been together for 2 years and he is also doing his phD right now (in the city we live in). 
    It's the first time in my life when I'm seriously questioning how the hell is this gonna work out LOL I'm excited for all these opportunities, and am very VERY grateful. I said to myself I will not let anything stop me from going down this career path, but I also can't help but also factor in how much I care about this relationship (and my family).
    My parents are first gen immigrants and I am the main person who deals with medical stuff, translation, etc. So it is hard to let go and not worry.  
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    Waiting272 reacted to wrongpathos in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    Harvard doesn't have a visiting day/recruitment day, they typically reach out to people for skype interviews all throughout Jan (and possibly early Feb). I've had a skype interview at Harvard.
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    Waiting272 reacted to TrustedTheProcess in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    For anyone that applied to Clinical Psych PhD programs at UNC-Chapel Hill, American University, or University of Cincinnati - I emailed their graduate admissions and all these programs are still sending out interview invites. Not all interview slots have been filled. UNC applicants will hear by January 18th, and University of Cincy applicants should hear by the end of Jan. Hope that helps!
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    Waiting272 got a reaction from 1|]010ls10o in Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!   
    I have been following the results page, and did not see any postings about interviews for Yale! Checked their website and it says people should be notified by mid-Jan. so I can relate to your feelings. 
    Edit: Contacted admissions and they said they sent out invites at the end of December. There may some additional interviews on a rolling basis but not guaranteed. Hope this helps! 
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