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  1. Thanks! I'm really excited and happy about Brown! It took me 2 years to get admitted to a PhD, but the wait and anxiety was worth it! Congrats on the MA offer!! Don't let the rejections to the other programs discourage you or make you feel not-qualified; our discipline is very competitive and, sometimes, it all goes down to your interests aligning with the faculty's... You got through the admissions process, and you got in a quality program! (if I'm not wrong, Vinson is there!). I'm sure that with the MA, your chances to get a PhD offer will greatly increase in a future application cycle!
  2. @Edminzodo do you have any news from Oxford? Did you apply to any other MA or PhD? Good luck!
  3. @Neferherw how's the admissions cycle going so far? Any luck? From the programs you mentioned, I know at least UCLA has sent results (I was rejected...) All the best!
  4. I wish this whole story was merely a joke... University Of California, Berkeley Film & Media, PhD (F19) Rejected via E-mail on 8 Mar 2019 A 13 Mar 2019 Dear Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, if either of you could take me in and do your cute little money bribes to get me accepted, I promise to not be a bratty YouTuber and just pay attention to my work. Idk how else to be one of three accepted students!
  5. Wow! congrats on those 6 acceptances! What's your concentration? My 2 cents: if your dilemma is between Harvard and NYU and you're not planning on a PhD afterwards, I would go with the program that better aligns with your research interests. Have a look at the courses each MA offers and decide which are more attractive to you. If, after the MA, you decide you want to go for the PhD, having taken the courses you're really passionate about will play in your favor: you'll have things more clear and that will reflect on your SoP.
  6. A full tuition waver MA from Harvard? That's awesome! Put that on your CV and, although it won't guarantee a PhD acceptance, it will definitely make the committees read your application carefully! Yeah! I'm super excited about Brown! I had applied to several scholarships (in Europe) in the past 2 years and they all had a negative result, so a fully-funded acceptance, and to Brown!, has definitely paid off all the hard-work and all the waiting! Regarding my qualifications: I scored 119 on the TOEFL, 162V/164Q/4.5AWA on the GRE, and I have an MA in Egyptology (GPA 9.4/10) from Barcelona, but my undergrad is actually in the Sciences. I studied Engineering and worked as such for some years, until the conditions were finally right for me to pursue a career in Egyptology, which is what I always wanted (it's a long story... I'm from Central America, and there is absolutely no posibility or encouragement to study History in my home country...) All this has, of course, played against me: the feedback I've received from universities in Belgium, France, and the US (UChicago...) is that they prefer younger students who have taken the "traditional" path... But you never know: to my surprise, Brown said that my interdisciplinary background is precisely what attracted them, and that they accepted me because my research interests were a great fit for the department (I want to study the cultural exchange between Egypt and other ANE cultures through the literature of the 1st millenium BC). Bottom line is, it's very difficult to weigh our chances just by looking at the numbers. In my experience, the single most important piece of your application is the SoP, where you need to make sure you tell a story that resonates with the faculty's own interests and each program's strong points. That and the reco letters: my professors in Barcelona are not super famous, but they knew me and my work really well, and I'm sure they made the letters personal (didn't read them...) Not sure if all this helps, but this is what I learned this cycle!
  7. Welcome to the thread! Sorry to hear about your rejection. I just don't get why rejections aren't sent at the same time as acceptances or interview invites... I mean, they MUST know how anxious applicants are, right!? Did you apply to other schools? How's the application cycle going so far?
  8. Congrats!! Seems you have amazing programs to choose from!! Any word of funding from Harvard? From my side, I just received the formal offer from Brown! Fully funded PhD!! I still haven't received answers from JHU or UCLA, but I already accepted, as this was my top choice!
  9. That's great!! Looks like, whatever happens, you'll be attending graduate school this fall! Good luck!
  10. Ouch! Johns Hopkins University English, PhD (F19) Rejected via E-mail on 26 Feb 2019 A 26 Feb 2019 Wow! Second rejection from them THIS WEEK! I must have really made an impression!
  11. That's awesome! Congratulations! I hope you get the funding!! For Columbia and Arizona, have you applied to MA or PhD?
  12. Thanks!! I also think that it's more common to go directly from undergrad to PhD in the STEMs than it is in the Humanities because there is much more offer and funding. When it come to Egyptology, for example, there are only about 10 graduate programs in the US, and most of them are from very competitive universities. I imagine this is also the case for the rest of NELC/MES disciplines... It is perfectly possible to get accepted straight from undergrad, but someone who does an MA would have much more chances, also because after an MA, they would normally have a better idea of which research interests to pursue. Chicago, Austin, and NYU are indeed great choices!
  13. Congrats on NYU!! Do they give any kind of funding for MA? Re Chicago, results are out for PhD, and some rejects have been referred to the MA (not me... , but maybe because I already have one). Hang in there! Results for MA should come out in March! Good luck!
  14. I got an (unofficial) admission to Brown's Egyptology PhD!! I still can't believe this! Still waiting for an offer, though: they told me the university is yet to make it official, but that it would be extremely unlikely that they didn't accept the department's reco... No news from JHU or UCLA, but Brown is my top choice anyways! It's already March! The wait is coming to an end! Best of luck everyone!
  15. Same here... I still haven't heard from JHU or UCLA... I've had interviews with Brown this past week, so that has made me a bit hopeful after the Chicago rejection... I just want the waiting to end!
  16. Yup, I found out I was rejected from one of my top choices by randomly checking the portal for a generic rejection letter... This was 10 days ago, and, at the moment of posting, I still haven't received an email...
  17. Congratulations on the acceptance! Is the funding a sure thing for you, or is that still in the air?
  18. Did anyone apply to UCLA? I saw someone posted an acceptance there! From my side, still silence from UCLA and JHU... @nickxk To my knowledge, not many programs do interviews. Brown certainly does, and, apparently, someone was interviewed for JHU last week... One way or another, the wait is almost over... hang in there everyone! Good luck!
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