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  1. sseire

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    Cover letter
  2. I feel you. However, I like to think that all applications are looked at the same way regardless of the applicant's nationality. That said, it's true that we have the TOEFL, or equivalent, as an additional requirement. Also, depending on your country's education system, you may not be used to standardized testing and 30min essay writing, which may decrease our chances at acing the GRE (of course, I'm generalizing...) I wouldn't say you have less chances at being admitted for being an international student, just that you had to do an extra effort on your application (the same way an American applying to a program in France would have to be extra careful with the language, for example). Good luck!
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    Bird box!
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    Master plan
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    Cloud storage
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    Dust storm
  7. !لا أحد يمكنه أن يحطّم أحلامك

  8. sseire

    What are your hobbies?

    Martial arts, coffee brewing, theater (although I had to set it aside due to the master's degree...), and learning languages.
  9. sseire

    Going the Distance

    Yay! Another post from KayAnne! A very insightful one, I may add. That's an amazing story!! If I was a member of the admissions commitee, I would have no doubt you have the motivation and drive to go through a grad program. I hope things work out for you! Many people have called me crazy for this, but, when it comes to following my dream, I am willing to give up. Let me explain. I want to become an expert in Ancient Egyptian language, but, let's just say that circumstances made me follow a non-linear path. "How?" - my imaginary reader may ask. Well, I studied Engineering, and, afterwards, worked as an engineer for some years. "So, how did you end up studyng Ancient Egypt?" - another member of the imaginary crowd of readers points out. Well, I gave up. I gave up a promising career for an opportunity of pursuing my dream. I gave up a job at an amazing company so I could study a master's degree, turning my hobby into an academic career. I have given up my independence, going back to my parents' house after years living abroad so I could have the quality time needed to prepare my PhD applications without worring about the bills... I've basically put my life on hold for this, so you can imagine the levels of anxiety... I have been rejected before, but I realize that, if I'm rejected again, life doesn't end there. I have not planned things to be like this, I just try to make the best decision based on the data I have at the moment, so I'm pretty sure that, if I don't get in, I'll end up trying again next year, even though right now I don't feel like it... So, here's one piece of unsolicited advice to those who read (near-future me looking for typos and, probably, a Mod): be willing to go the distance, but take one step at a time. You have made it through the process of submitting applications, and that's reason enough to celebrate. In a month or so, you'll have your answers, good or bad. When the time comes, remember how you've pushed the boundaries before and make the best decision you can. Until then, chill out and celebrate your achievements!
  10. sseire

    So, you've entered the abyss...

    This is exactly how I feel!! I've tried so hard to do something useful while in this dark, lonely limbo of waiting, but to no avail... Like you said, the prevailing thought is: "Why on Earth am I studying this if rejections will start coming next week? Such a waste of time!" Though I don't enjoy your misery, it's nice to see that I'm not alone in this. I still try to advance a bit on my pet project (translating a 2300 year old papyrus), but I have also started to have a more positive approach to the abyss: instead of being horribly inefficient out of pure anxiety and fear of being rejected, I'm trying to do all those things I won't have time to do when I start grad school. My advice to all who read (probably only future me...): while you are in the abyss, focus on your hobbies, watch all those movies you couldn't enjoy during the semester, meet with friends while you're in town, make a trip abroad if you can... there will always be time afterwards for studying or advancing your pet project. Good luck!
  11. Dear Candidate, Thank you for giving us your hard earned $90. Now that we have your money, which we had summarily tossed down a flight of stairs to determine whether we will read your application or not, we regret to inform you that there were many other applicants with much better luck than you. Have a nice life, and please don't contact us again, because we'll get a restraining order. Seriously.
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    Wind Energy
  13. Definitely Friday; at least it would allow me to say "OK, I'll worry about it on Monday..." With my luck, though, rejections will come on Blue Monday.... 😕
  14. sseire

    Gradcafe Statistics

    Awesome tool! Too bad my major is not showing up... I guess is not as common as other fields...

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