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  1. I'm new around here, but I have not yet found any thread for NELC 2019. So, here it goes! I have applied to 4 programs: UChicago, Hopkins, Brown, UCLA. It's the first time I apply in the US, and I initially thought 4 programs was too much, specially when asking recommenders to submit LORs to multiple programs, but then I came here and saw that people are applying to 10+ universities! I hope my 4 applications are enough to get me in somewhere! In any case, the wait is killing me! Anyone else out there?
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    square root
  3. Yup, I found out I was rejected from one of my top choices by randomly checking the portal for a generic rejection letter... This was 10 days ago, and, at the moment of posting, I still haven't received an email...
  4. Congratulations on the acceptance! Is the funding a sure thing for you, or is that still in the air?
  5. Did anyone apply to UCLA? I saw someone posted an acceptance there! From my side, still silence from UCLA and JHU... @nickxk To my knowledge, not many programs do interviews. Brown certainly does, and, apparently, someone was interviewed for JHU last week... One way or another, the wait is almost over... hang in there everyone! Good luck!
  6. Has anyone applied to Hopkins or UCLA? Still waiting to hear from them... I saw someone posted an interview invitation for Hopkins NES program, so I'm taking that as an implied rejection... On the bright side, I was shortlisted for Brown! @nickxk Mabrouk!!! Also, congrats to the Cornell and Chicago NELC admits!
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    Interview Tips (HELP!!!)

    Thank you!! This is incredibly helpful!
  8. That's a great sign, I guess!! did you speak with him already? what did he say? Have you (or anyone) heard from any other university? From my side, radio silence; I guess we'll start hearing something next week or the week after that...
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    tennis court
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    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Hi @Karou, here's a second opinion to ease your mind. Same as, @e_randolph, I was concerned and decided to email the Program Coordinator about it. She told me that this is a University-wide issue, but also assured me the committee would evaluate the applicants' profile based on the self-reported scores.
  11. You'll be entering the US as a tourist, so you'll be fine with the ESTA for the interviews as long as your stay is less than 3 months (which it is). If you're admitted, though, you'll have to start a whole process of getting a student's visa before moving there. Good luck with the interview!
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    dance battle
  13. 10 programs! that's awesome! To which universities have you applied to? I wish yoy the best of luck! What's your focus/period of interest? I would like to study the Late & Ptolemaic periods, focusing on Demotic.
  14. Nothing from my side either... As @samaasl said, though, on previous years people started to receive acceptances by early or mid-Feb, so I'm keeping my hopes up. @Vance how did the interview go!? To what other programs did you apply? All the best!
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    iron fist
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    Light blue
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    Cover letter
  18. I feel you. However, I like to think that all applications are looked at the same way regardless of the applicant's nationality. That said, it's true that we have the TOEFL, or equivalent, as an additional requirement. Also, depending on your country's education system, you may not be used to standardized testing and 30min essay writing, which may decrease our chances at acing the GRE (of course, I'm generalizing...) I wouldn't say you have less chances at being admitted for being an international student, just that you had to do an extra effort on your application (the same way an American applying to a program in France would have to be extra careful with the language, for example). Good luck!
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    Bird box!
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    Master plan
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    Cloud storage
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    Dust storm
  23. !لا أحد يمكنه أن يحطّم أحلامك

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    What are your hobbies?

    Martial arts, coffee brewing, theater (although I had to set it aside due to the master's degree...), and learning languages.

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