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  1. I'm taking it as a sign that maybe not as many people are applying. But that could be me just hoping for the best. These applications are brutal though especially in addition to taking all my classes and doing research.
  2. I would still send the email but word it differently. Mention that you read the website and that you just wanted to know if you should apply due to your interests and whether the mentor thinks your interests will align with the labs.
  3. So I have updated my school list to also include some counseling programs as well as programs in which the professor I am interested in has emailed me back and is interested in my research interests. The new and improved list is as followed... Also wild to think that in six months or less some of us may have offers 🙄 University Nebraska, Lincoln Auburn (Counseling) Texas Tech (Counseling) Clark New Mexico State (Counseling) Souther Illinois U (Counseling) U Cincinnati Wash State U Oklahoma State (Counseling) UMass Boston Virginia Commonwealth University Arkansas San Diego State Florida State U (Counseling)
  4. Hey all! I am also planning on applying to Clinical/Counseling PhD programs in the Fall. GRE scores are mid to high 150's on the two practices I took before studying tons so pretty confident about that. Go to a top ranked liberal arts college, doing my own independent study project, working on a project with another professor, have four different types of clinical experience, will (hopefully) be published, and am super motivated. Been working on my personal statement recently which has made the whole process seem super real. This is my current list of schools right now. Nebraska Lincoln, USC, UCincinnatti, Wash State U, San Diego State, UMass Boston, UC Santa Barbara, Clark, UHouston Counseling, DePaul, UCLA, VCU, Jackson State, Idaho State, Auburn
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