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  1. crackademik

    Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page

    It’s not particularly common, but a few schools do it, which in theory is helpful when deciding where to put your money. I definitely think some schools bait and switch to make money of off application fees (even though it doesn’t seem practical). It’s pretty ridiculous considering it’s not really that much money. Let’s say a school has 700 applicants (which is pretty outrageous) that all pay 70$ for an app fee. That’s 49k, which is chump change for a chemistry program. That’s not even enough to buy a new mass spec or pay an additional faculty member. edit: the only motive I could see is if a sketchy admissions person is pocketing the fees if that’s even possible
  2. crackademik

    Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page

    At least it was a reach. I got rejected by the lowest tier school I applied to only two days after the deadline. This school had a preapplication to screen for qualified applicants, so I did it, and they told me to apply because I had a good chance of acceptance. It was the biggest waste of 70$ I’ve ever spent. I almost feel like they only told me I was qualified so they could take my money.
  3. crackademik

    Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page

    “Decline.pdf” 😂😂😂😂 How original of them. I’m sorry 😕
  4. crackademik

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    So I applied to GW with one of my LOR coming from a prestigious alum from that program AND an email to the department chair from my division chief at work (who is also an alum from this school) and I'm pretty certain I got rejected. I actually emailed the professor who interviewed me today, and let's just say the response was...not positive.
  5. crackademik

    What time of day did your offer come?

    I wonder how many people are looking at this thread laughing
  6. crackademik

    Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page

    That is actual torture 😂 I'm one of those people who will freak out after just reading the subject line and first few words so I'd probably run around excited like I got accepted only to look further and be defeated.
  7. crackademik

    What time of day did your offer come?

    Says the person who decides to flat out crap on a post for no reason. Different people cope with the anxiety of waiting differently. For me, allowing myself to only check my email during offer “peak hours” is a way to cope. As others have implied, maybe just don’t comment on a post that you think is useless?
  8. crackademik

    Valentine's Day is coming!

    UMD is already preparing to reject me tomorrow. It is evidently the status quo for them to change the portal status from "under departmental review" to "under graduate school review" about a day before they finalize decisions. Since I haven't gotten an unofficial acceptance from the department, I've probably been flat out rejected. Extra failure points because I offered to self-fund! Happy Valentine's Day to me. Edit: I'm a moron and got an offer letter right after this post
  9. crackademik

    What time of day did your offer come?

    What about Purdue in 2017?
  10. crackademik

    The Silent Toxic Stress of Being a Minority in Academia

    This is not exactly on topic with your discussion, but please don’t beat yourself up about not getting into your safety. My first rejection this cycle was my “ultra safety”, so I was then convinced I wasn’t going to get in anywhere. I was wrong. You are correct that the PhD admissions process is very different from undergrad. For example, a school that may have a high undergraduate acceptance rate may have also an incredibly low PhD acceptance rate. A PhD program at a given school generally has a completely different identity than its corresponding undergraduate school (unless it’s Harvard, MIT, Stanford). PhD admissions are a bit of a crapshoot and involve some luck as stated by others on this forum. Don’t be discouraged, as hard as it might be! You will get in somewhere based on your own merit (your GRE alone is competitive). Again, sorry this is off topic, but you deserve to be very proud of your accomplishments.
  11. I’ve been curious about what time of day offers are generally sent. Mine have been sent in the afternoon between 2-5pm, but based on the results, it seems some people do get morning offers.
  12. crackademik

    Valentine's Day is coming!

  13. crackademik

    Self-care Tips/Advice

    What an eloquent way to describe my current mood!
  14. crackademik

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    I had this exact same thought. I didn't get any results today and I said "man I hate friday's" out loud at work today. Everyone looked at me like I killed their puppy.
  15. crackademik

    Is no money for visitation a red flag?

    yup agreed. I still have no idea what the real motive was there.

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