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    LizKay reacted to zagorthespirit in International Student concerned about Coronavirus outbreak   
    First of all, blaming a country and blaming people of that country are two different things. Although the whole sentence, 
    who is to blame, me?, my university, US university, China?,
    was just to show that nobody expected the situation regarding to the admissions, and hence i wrote them all together and only commas to separate them. I was trying to say, nobody is guilty, so what will happen?
    But still, I have to be clear about one thing: China is responsible for not banning wet markets. As you may know this is seen as SARS-2, and China, having experienced SARS in 2002-3, should have banned wet market trade and shouldn't have endangered the humanity, both their citizens, most of whom had nothing to do with this, as well as others. Most of the world will sanction China for that after they will deal with the pandemic, this has nothing to do with xenophobia. I read the very same things on financial times last week regarding the economic impact of this and how the world will respond to China about wet market trade after Coronavirus.
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    LizKay reacted to PokePsych in International Student concerned about Coronavirus outbreak   
    Why on earth would you 'blame China'. Cut the xenophobia plz. At this point so many governments & places are too blame. Its not like the trump administration has been moving on this fast enough - may as well blame them?!
    RE graduating: Contact your university. Most places I know are making amends. Both in my country of origin and here in the States people are having classes (although online), doing exams, etc. So we will be getting grades etc. The university you are working with may also be a bit more lenient in terms of grades (e.g., my grades were due by mid October) - talk with administration.
    RE: reapplying - depends. Wouldn't worry about it now. Potentially ask the uni you plan on accepting if you can defer your offer till the next semester/year after. Wouldn't be unlikely they're more lenient now.
    RE: Uhm. I think they still should decide which school they want to go too? There's still a choice to be made. And hat should be an informed choice. But note that for American/not international students this trade off may be different for many other reasons. 
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    LizKay got a reaction from Temperance in Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page   
    And if someone gets off their waitlist, it will be, “You’re a little late. I’m already tooooorn....”
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    LizKay got a reaction from Ruoci Shen in HGSE 2020   
    I got my decision at 4:26 PM EST.
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    LizKay got a reaction from finnley in HGSE 2020   
    I got my decision at 4:26 PM EST.
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    LizKay got a reaction from gradddcafe in HGSE 2020   
    I got my decision at 4:26 PM EST.
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    LizKay got a reaction from Anon1138 in HGSE 2020   
    I got my decision at 4:26 PM EST.
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    LizKay got a reaction from mjsmith in HGSE 2020   
    I got my decision at 4:26 PM EST.
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    LizKay got a reaction from orangejulius in HGSE 2020   
    I got my decision at 4:26 PM EST.
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    LizKay reacted to Maylee in Venting Thread- Vent about anything.   
    @Cheshire_Cat I'm so glad you found someone. I hope so many good things come your way and I'm sorry for your loss. 
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    LizKay reacted to Cheshire_Cat in Venting Thread- Vent about anything.   
    I finally found a mobile vet who put her down on Friday. She had lots of banana and I held her for about 30 minutes before she was put down. At this point, she couldn't even really hold herself up, but still had her personality and wanted to eat banana and give me kisses. She fell asleep while eating banana and then vet put her down, so it was very peaceful.
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    LizKay reacted to blahblah_girl in What were you doing when you received your acceptance?   
    Thank you!
    And I absolutely love the Eisenhower's quote!
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    LizKay reacted to LCasamajor in HGSE 2019   
    Did you apply for a Master? And they teased about full tuition?
    Honestly, I can't believe I didn't receive any of the fellowships aimed at my country or this Impact Award... I make less than 10k, how am I supposed to pay this. I'm super sad.
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    LizKay reacted to Jb2003 in HGSE 2019   
    It's true, I'm feeling grateful for any amount at the moment. I was too naive going into the process, thinking that the best schools would naturally provide the best financial aid. I wish I had applied to more scholarships.
    I am so sorry to hear that they only gave you the loan...I honestly can't believe that you were nominated for full tuition and then they didn't end up providing anything. That's ridiculous! Have you considered reaching out to them as asking how that decision was made? Or are you set on Columbia now? 
    I was also accepted to TC Columbia but my grants only totaled about 20k, so Harvard seems to be the better choice for me now. I am still waiting to hear back about funding to the University of Cambridge but, unfortunately, I don't think I will know in time... 
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    LizKay got a reaction from Adelaide9216 in WashU St. Louis 2018   
    Hey! I'm also going to WashU and currently live in CWE (for about 7 months) so if anyone has any questions feel free to message me!!
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    LizKay reacted to DitDot in WashU St. Louis 2018   
    Hey! I'm also going to WashU and currently live in CWE (for about 7 months) so if anyone has any questions feel free to message me!!
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    LizKay got a reaction from DitDot in WashU St. Louis 2018   
    Hey! I'm also going to WashU and currently live in CWE (for about 7 months) so if anyone has any questions feel free to message me!!
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    LizKay reacted to phil413 in Is HGSE master's worth $60k debt?   
    Thanks for sharing your experiences, and I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I'm currently deciding between Stanford (ICE) and HGSE (HDP) as well, and it is a tough decision. Your insights have surely helped.
    However, not to pick a fight here (I really have no intention), but what did you mean by "Worst case scenario, you can always teach in Asia "?   I may have been wrong in my interpretation, but I couldn't help being bothered by this statement, as it seems slightly callous and generalizing to me. Why is this the "worst case scenario?" It is many people's, especially those with a heart for certain Asian populations, "best case scenario". And it did come across as if finding a teaching job in Asia would be your last and easily attainable resort. Again, I may be too sensitive here, but I'm surprised at what seems to be such a casual, throwaway comment from a HGSE grad and fellow educator, so I would just like to understand.
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    LizKay got a reaction from bonegirl in question about funding - mature student   
    I’m wondering if perhaps they don’t fund the first year to make sure that those who are serious about the program will be the ones to continue and thus get funding afterwards, while those who drop out won’t have wasted any of the university’s money.
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    LizKay reacted to Vulpix in Would YOU turn down Harvard?   
    This makes a lot of sense, that the college is where the real network is.  That being said, I don't think people are being "duped" by going to Harvard for a masters.  The majority of HGSE alums that I've spoken to (on here, at my current job, personal circles, via admissions) have by and large felt that their experience at Harvard was 100% worth it, both personally, financially, and especially professionally.  They feel completely indebted to Harvard for where they are now, and have raved about the people/networks/organizations they have been put into contact with as a result.  I'm sure this feeling is what you make of it, and how hard you work to make it a reality.  It is also extremely dependent on what kind of financial situation you are in before and after the program.  Wherever I go, I intend to work very hard to build connections with my classmates and faculty and pursue as many opportunities as possible.  
    I didn't go to Harvard for my BA, but I did go to an 'elite' school, and I know that having gone there alone was responsibility for the majority of interviews I got, and jobs offered as well.  I didn't grow up in a family with that expensive, prestige-minded experience.  I got a full scholarship (need based) to one of the best schools for undergrad, and am so thankful for everything I learned there and the opportunities it has since afforded me.
    I don't know if I've picked Harvard, but I just feel the need to defend it as a viable option with all the criticism that it's not worth it, or that the difference between it and Penn is negligible.  It's a very fine difference, to be sure, but I might as well dive as deeply into that difference as possible.
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    LizKay reacted to svent in Would YOU turn down Harvard?   
    If you want to go to Harvard (or Penn), that's fine. But at least be aware that these schools are major cash cows, especially at the Master's level. I know some people who wasted 2 years and $100k on programs at both schools, and it didn't help them one bit.
    I imagine Harvard would be better around Boston/NY and Penn would be better around Philly/DC. But who knows? I bet it's easier to find cheaper housing near Penn, but it's not in such a nice area. I hear Boston area housing is insane. Penn tuition might be a tad bit higher, not sure.
    To answer your question, yes, I'd turn down Harvard. Actually, I didn't even apply there.
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    LizKay reacted to eveline in Berkeley PhD vs Harvard Ed.M   
    Berkeley has just about the same prestige as Harvard, and you can still always say "I got into Harvard." I actually lived in Cambridge, MA for a short while and around the area, the H Grad School of Education is perceived as the "easiest" H school to get into, compared to the Kennedy School, Law School etc. 
    PhD > Masters
    If I were you, I would definitely choose Berkeley. 
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    LizKay reacted to fuzzylogician in acceptance letter - is it ethical to withdraw before April 15th   
    Your post ratio on this board so far: 
    1 exceedingly long post asking an entirely ordinary question that's been answered on the board dozens of times
    2 posts complaining about the tone of the (helpful!) responses you got, tone-policing others 
    0 posts thanking posters who took the time to help you
    0 posts updating us about how our advice worked out 
    0 posts helping others in any way 
    I'd personally aim to make a slightly different impression.
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    LizKay reacted to DiscoTech in acceptance letter - is it ethical to withdraw before April 15th   
    You're welcome! "Boo hoo" beats "cry me a river." No?
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    LizKay reacted to TheAbsurdLife in acceptance letter - is it ethical to withdraw before April 15th   
    Hi Disco,
    Thank you for your rather impassioned and mildly antagonistic response, but nonetheless, I took responsibility several times within what I wrote. I did make that choice and it was clearly a mistaken one: my opinion was mainly based on what others have said on these boards, and I was wondering if this was legitimate, or as you said, rationalization (or, more likely and a much less assumptive conclusion, just simply untrue for any variety of reasons unknown to either of us.) I'm afraid I don't see any overt "nonsense rationalization" in what I wrote though, but if that is what you read into it, feel free. I'm not sure if the premises add up to the conclusion in your logic. Also, I did like the program, and explicitly said why I accepted the offer, so did you need to ask the question? Or was that rhetorical? -  no, anything of value you said in the final paragraph, which was really all I needed. Leave this sort of rhetoric for Buzzzfeed and I would suggest just relaxing a bit.  Come on "Boo hoo"?
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