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  1. So, I'm following the civil engineering track at UCLA and haven't heard anything yet. Are there other people who have heard from UCLA?
  2. Guys, any update on UCLA? I cannot even reach out to them to ask when they will be releasing the decisions.
  3. Guys, anyone heard anything from UCLA, Stanford or Rice?
  4. Wait, so there are people heard from Civil Engineering Department of UCLA? Where did you get this info?
  5. Lol the same! Can I ask which ones did you apply, and what is your field?
  6. Hi all, has anyone heard anything from UCLA regarding admission results?
  7. Thanks a lot sodalite! Did you receive your admission letter through application portal or the admissions officer emailed that to you?
  8. One last one: Did Prof. Borja mention if he is going to take another people into his group?
  9. Thanks for your reply sodalite! I would like to ask a couple of questions, if you don't mind. First of all, when did you receive your admission letter from Stanford? Is it mentioning anything about the funding? And which school are you applying from? Thanks a lot for your answers in advance.
  10. Congrats sodalite! Could you please tell who was your POI that you had interview with?
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