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  1. anyone else get a more personalized follow-up email from a chicago phd?
  2. anyone have info about the maryland waitlist? /declining acceptance? of the two schools i'm waitlisted at, it's my first choice (my partner lives in dc) and we're stressin
  3. trying to decide if movement on UCSB's waitlist is possible/has happened...anyone have any info?
  4. i mean, if it's casual and it's what you'd be most comfortable in, i think go for it. just don't be too stiff personality-wise? you're admitted anyways
  5. i talked to my advisor and she said do NOT wear a suit, it will be over-the-top. so now im thinking jeans and a blazer. can't decide if my blundstones would be too casual
  6. y'all are inspiring me with these outfits. you're gonna look so great!!
  7. sidmeier

    2019 Applicants

    Maryland...I'm at the top of the waitlist and it's one of my first choices. march is gonna be a looooong month..
  8. i was going to wear black jeans but now i'm thinking i should go out and buy a pair of slacks...im not really feeling a dress for the visit.......but i'm not interviewing??
  9. sidmeier

    2019 Applicants

    anyone have an idea about how much movement there usually is on maryland's waitlist?

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