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    Nessie0067 reacted to waffles19 in help! BU, NYU or Brooklyn College!! :(   
    BU is a private university so there’s no in and out of state decrepncy I think. If Brooklyn College has clinical opportunities in medical settings, I would most definitely go there!! Think of how tedious figuring out the logistics of moving will be and how much debt you’ll be in if you go to the other schools. Doesn’t seem worth the hell you’d put yourself through after graduation trying to pay all it off (just to get a very similar position and wage as if you went to brooklyn). 
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    Nessie0067 reacted to PsychWannabee in Post-Interview Anxieties, Worries, Thoughts, Comments, etc.   
    This seems like a neutral response, not indicative of anything. At least you didn't have a POI ghost you which is what happened to me... I mean I've had romantic interests ghost me... sure, but a professor I interviewed with? That's a whole different level of hurt 🤣
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    Nessie0067 reacted to Hannah7 in NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018   
    NYU is extremely expensive. If you're from NY, chances are you are trying to get into a state school since they are so much cheaper and in some people's opinions offer a better education/program.
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    Nessie0067 reacted to sugarmilk in Brooklyn College   
    Let's talk about how I paid one hundred and twenty-five dollars to have my application sit in an untouched pile for months. No worries. It's not like I wanted my file to be reviewed. It's not like I wanted to be compared to my fellow applicants before admissions were offered. That would be way too fair. I totally understand, Brooklyn.

    Is it just me, or is this bitterness justified? You don't have to answer that, just nod in agreement. ;p
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    Nessie0067 reacted to Rezzy S. in Decision Deadline before April 15..HELP!   
    You can check here: https://cgsnet.org/ckfinder/userfiles/files/CGSResolution_RevMarch2019.pdf
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    Nessie0067 got a reaction from Southwestspeechie in Yeshiva Speech Pathology   
    Man, where do I begin. I STRONGLY suggest that you go in person. I'm not trying to dissuade you but during my impromptu tour of the campus (which is a stretch) the grad student who was giving me the tour told me herself to really really think it through and weigh in all my options and consider those instead. She wasn't outright telling me not to got there but anyone could've put 2 and 2 together. She didn't look happy being there one bit. 
    1. The campus - I was not one bit impressed with the "campus" and I've attended community college throughout my undergraduate studies. I've visit a number of campuses and the recurring thought when I made the visit was "where is the $79k tuition going?" I suspect the answer to that is marketing. The "campus" consist of 3 rusty old buildings suspended in 2-3 NYC blocks. Their buildings are in dire need of renovations/repairs. Eveyrhting is so tiny, especially the library, and there aren't any SLP books on reserve. At first glance it seriously make me questioned why this school was worth so much money. 
    2. The Clinic - Since the on-site clinic is non-operational (and don't let them BS you on otherwise), how much effective can one's performance truly be. Especially during the second year outside clinicals. As SLPs, our clinical performance outside of the school is dependent on our preparedness/on-site practice. Ask them about why they consider themselves to be a medically based program. I was told that their students only have about 3 facilities to choose from and most of the time it's not one of their choice. So for sure ask for clarification about the clinic and make sure that you're going to get the best out of our experience with them.
    3. Marketing - From the website to their YouTube videos, and even the people who reaches out to you via email reminding you about your application (sometimes felt like pressuring since I started my application early and received 5-8 emails from them asking me to submit it) to the scholarship they give you (which will make you feel special, but remember it's $79k). Still, I have NEVER have a school ask for a $1,000 non-refundable commitment deposit with a 2 weeks notice. That's wild. I don't know who has that sort of money but I surely don't. If you don't pay it you lose your spot. I find it unethical for schools to do that and it's the most telling sign that a school is only interested in you because of money. Their program is new and not that great to be demanding that much from students and basically giving them ultimatums. 
    Anyway, those are my 3 cents. May not be that big of a deal to some people though, but to me they were. 
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    Nessie0067 reacted to BioCook in General interview tips   
    Here are some thoughts!
    Prepare: questions specific to the school, ask about housing, teaching opportunities, internships/externships, where recent alum are employed Outfit: slacks, blouse, and heels are acceptable. If the school offers a tour of buildings, etc. just make sure you'll be comfy! Other tips: get there at least 15 minutes early, bring snacks/water, don't bring a massive purse or bag, be friendly Ahh the interview process will feel awkward and tough, but just know that you did your best so long as you prepare! Also, the schools invited you because they liked your application, so you're already on a good side.  Try to distract yourself with other activities/hobbies so you don't dwell on interview stuff - it's definitely not just you. I had to do all of this to keep me sane haha
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    Nessie0067 reacted to Procaffeination in Yeshiva in nyc   
    Yeshiva seems like a promising program with a lot of positive aspects (stated by slp1921 above). The real turn off for me is that tuition... on top of the cost of living that just seemed outrageous. Not sure how financial aid is, but for a newer candidate school I wouldn't be able to justify spending that kind of money.
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    Nessie0067 reacted to Arcanelady27 in Mercy College Interview   
    Mine is at 11:00 a.m.
    Yes, they are group interviews.
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    Nessie0067 reacted to Cowsy in Working part-time in grad school   
    This is the SLP forum... My somewhat educated guess is that there would be a 75-90 (???) percent decrease in the number of SLP grad students if we all followed your advice. I think that what you're saying is appropriate for most grad students. But the reality for this field is that there's just not very much funding. On the flip side, we're all virtually guaranteed jobs once we're certified. Not sure if that's true for most graduate students. 
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