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    I want to learn new things according to new innovation.

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  1. Hi @MarineBluePsy It is great information to me.
  2. Mansi@30

    Political Theory heavy masters/PhD program?

    It is a good answer you have given with helpful to us.
  3. Mansi@30

    Political Theory heavy masters/PhD program?

    It is great to answer ☺️
  4. Mansi@30

    The Positivity Thread

    It is a good answer for me.
  5. Mansi@30

    House Rental

    There are many several students are leaving in particular cities above collage.
  6. Mansi@30

    School Concern???

    Valuable Information to us.
  7. Mansi@30

    Data Science - Admission Results

    Anyone share to me the details of the Data Science Program. I am planning to get certified it.
  8. Mansi@30

    Harvard MDE Fall 2019

    Best Of Luck for your future...
  9. Mansi@30

    How do academic fellowships work?

    Can you please share to me. Which fellowship is are you doing?
  10. Mansi@30

    Should I invite my advisor to my award ceremony?

    It is a piece of good news. You can share where ever you want...
  11. You have shared a valuable answer to us. It would be helpful to us.
  12. It is relevant to commit. It is a right...
  13. Mansi@30

    How did you find TheGradCafe?

    Yes, we can get more information through the search engine.
  14. Mansi@30

    Why do you think you're admitted?

    "Holistic" can be defined as an emphasis on the whole person, not just select pieces that make up the whole person. If a college has holistic admissions, the school's admissions officers consider the whole applicant, not just empirical data like one's GPA or SAT scores.
  15. Mansi@30

    Fulbright vs Grad school

    Hello @ringoandme Thanks for sharing great information to us. It would be helpful to me

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