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  1. Just to update everyone. I did my interview last week. I hadn't checked my status until today. but today on mosaic when I checked unfortunately it says rejected. Best of luck to everyone else.
  2. @Sanjeena I am not sure if they are still sending interview invitations but I had my interview scheduled for yesterday. It was originally scheduled as an in person interview but they switched them to online so I did mine over Skype yesterday. I am waiting for the recommendation now and more nervous than ever!
  3. I just received an interview invitation for March 25th :)
  4. Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great! So I just dropped by Iris' office she said they are doing interviews already but there are many applications that are still being reviewed including mine. So she said don't worry we are still sending invitations. Also they haven't started sending final offers yet. Best of luck
  5. Congrats guy! This is great news. Good luck everyone! Lets hope we all get it
  6. @AfrinIt seems that they are still a bit behind the timeline. Lets hope we hear something tomorrow if not maybe early next week. As for the interviews I think they are in person unless you are out of province where I think it will be over Skype or something(but I am not sure how it works so don't quote me on this:) ). Good luck everyone
  7. Yeah probably we will hear within next couple of weeks based on their timeline.
  8. Hey Guys I made this post for people who are applying to McMaster eHealth program for Septermber 2020. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything from them?
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