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  1. https://grad.admissions.rutgers.edu/GraduateProgram/Detail.aspx?code=16830B&degree=PHD Rutgers does appear to require official transcripts FYI! I think your app may be "completed" with unofficial, but I read somewhere else that they accept unofficial if your official wont be there by the app deadline but it seemed like they still wanted you to send the official.
  2. Last cycle i applied to 12 schools I think, no interviews or anything. The manuscript is something that has changed since last time, as I didn't know they were considering making me an author on this paper when I last applied (so obviously it isnt first author or way up there but still), and other than that just the fact that I have more experience from working full time. I am in a similar boat that my personal interests and lab are pretty aligned too, but even if others don't see this as a weakness I think it might be more of a personal thing that I'm scared to jump into grad school without experiences in different settings but might just be the fear talking lol thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the input! overall i have been leaning towards taking another year but I think I have to decide if i'm just being scared haha. All the info is super helpful!!
  3. hello everyone!! i recently graduated undergrad with a psych degree, 2 years research experience and for the next year will be working full time as an RA for the same lab I was with in undergrad. applied for Clinical PhD programs this past cycle with no luck but oh well . I am currently trying to decide several things and was wondering if anyone has input!! the graduate student i work with has been pushing me to retake the GRE and apply again this cycle. my scores were 162 (91%) verbal, 156 quant (61%) and 5 (90%) AW. I know my quant score could stand to go up quite a bit but a lot of personal things have come up this summer (in addition to working full time) that are preventing me from devoting a lot of time to studying. I am worried that not only will I not be able to improve it in time but that it might actually go down and I will have wasted time and money on it. the other option i have come up with is to take another year off and try to get a new lab manager position in a different lab. this would solve some other weaknesses in my application (3rd LOR was not stellar, all my research experience is in one lab) but that's if i even manage to find a position. i'm scared I'll get to that point and not be able to find another job and then actually be out of options. not really sure if there is a question in there lol i'm just really unsure what to do. am I being too paranoid and should I just say what the hell and try to apply this cycle? or do you think it's worth it to take another year off to improve my application? also is my quant score really that bad or do you think it can be balanced by strengthening my research experience? (3.89 undergrad gpa, did a senior thesis + 1 conference and 2 coming up + 1 definite manuscript and 1 or 2 more possible but won't know until after these applications are due, 2 years clinical experience)
  4. hi all! I am currently a senior undergrad psych major! I applied for clinical phds this round and unfortunately I didn't get any interviews so I'm coming to terms with the fact that its not gonna work out this year 😞 Fortunately, the lab that I work in has offered me a full-time RA position for next year! This research is definitely what I want to pursue when I eventually try for PhDs again, and since I have been here for two years I am confident that they will give me responsibilities and experiences that will help me out. Unfortunately I was really hoping to move away from the town my undergrad institution is in, its a very small college town and I know that shouldn't be such a big deal but I'm really not looking forward to staying here another year My dilemma is this: I got my official rejection from Boston University yesterday in which they encouraged me to apply for their masters program. Furthermore, I know that two other schools I applied to and haven't heard from yet automatically consider rejected PhD applicants for their masters program. So now I'm wondering what looks better on PhD applications for people who aren't coming straight out of undergrad: a masters degree or further research experience, like I would get as an RA? My main concern, despite the fact that this lab is incredibly relevant to my interests, is that it wont look as good that I'll have 3 yrs research experience but its all in the same lab, like I didn't diversify myself enough. I feel like a masters program would expose me to different and diverse things, but I also am not sure that it is necessary for me since I did psych in undergrad and I do already have 2 yrs of research experience. also I would feel terrible backing out on my lab from the position they offered me, I'm just not sure what is best for me 😕 More things about me: honors thesis, 2 yrs experience with research and 2 yrs working at crisis hotline for clinical experience, no pubs, 1 conference presentation and 2 more expected next year any insight you have would be super appreciated!!
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