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  1. Thanks! Sorry you didn't get any financial aid. Turns out I was wrong and did get a generous financial aid offer. PSA: Always remember to check your spam folder... As for Harvard vs Notre Dame, it's a tough one for me, but part of me is still leaning towards Notre Dame, as I'm especially interested in doing Catholic historical theology and there is hardly any better place for that as far as I know. I'm also considering Duke and Candler (both made generous offers and have some pros of their own). So it looks like I'm just going to have to tour and discern where I feel most called. But what abou
  2. For GRE, I think I had 169V, 153Q, and 5.5W. 3.87 GPA, triple major in Philosophy, Religion, and Classics. Advanced level ancient Greek and intermediate level Latin. I'm also a TRIO McNair scholar and heavily involved in various extracurricular activities. Also, I'm Catholic! I wish you all the best and hope you find your way out of the waitlist! I also got admitted to the MTS at HDS! Congrats to everyone else who also did. However, I still haven't heard back about any financial aid, so judging by the rest of you having already heard back, I take it that I didn't get any. Alas
  3. Thanks! I'm leaning heavily towards Notre Dame, but I'm also considering Candler and Duke. I think I'll likely visit what campuses I can before I make my decision. Do you have an idea of where you're going yet?
  4. Hey everyone, new member here! Congrats to all who have been accepted and best of luck to those still waiting/waitlisted. I, like many of you, am still waiting to hear back from Harvard Divinity (MTS in History of Christianity). But I've been accepted to the Notre Dame MTS (History of Christianity), Boston College Joint MA in Theology and Philosophy, Duke Divinity MTS, and Candler School of Theology MTS.
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