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  1. Hi all,

    Thanks in advance for helping me out.

    I am science graduate and hold masters in Mathematics and Economics. An online micro masters in data, economics and developmental policy.

    I am a trained big data analyst with 1yr of experience in Business Analytics at reputed analytics firm and 2 yr of experience in data based policy analysis with International research institute (International Water Management Institute) as a pre-doctoral fellow. I wish to do PhD from top 20 grad school in US in subject related to deveopmenral economics and public policy. 

    On qualification side.

    I have GRE score 169/155/3.0 (Q, V,  AW)

    Apart from this I have 1 paper under review for international journal, 1 Book chapter under preparation, 2 papers accepted for an international conference and 2 papers presented for international conference. Have strong recommenders. Most of research work is around policy impact analysis.

    It will be great if anyone can help me with following things....

    1) Shall I repeat GRE with more preparation or the score is good enough? How important is AW score??

    2) Where can I get help for good SOP?

    3) Good University/Departments for PhD in developmental economics or public policy analysis that I shall consider

    4) Is my profile considerable for top 10 US universities or shall I downgrade my choices??

    I would appreciate any help in this regards...

    Thanks again



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