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    raye237 got a reaction from thenextredlight in Advice on Picking Undergrad if my Goal is Art History PhD   
    I made a similar decision for college five years ago - although it wasn't local, I decided to go where I got a full ride over Barnard, which was my top school out of my acceptances. I loved my college experience and my art history department turned out to be amazing. Most of all, graduating not only debt free but with a lot of money that would have gone to tuition saved has been ideal-- it allowed me to afford to study abroad for a year and then move to the UK for a top MA program without debt. Where is your local school? NYC may have a lot more opportunities but it is also likely infinitely more competitive to get those opportunities. Sometimes being a big fish in a small pond is the best way to make yourself stand out (for example, I was top in my dept at my school; may not have been that way if I went to Barnard and then may not have gotten my MA acceptance).
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    raye237 got a reaction from Smln in Medieval art   
    Okay I see they have  Medieval studies one so I guess that's what your profs are referring to
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    raye237 got a reaction from yupengw in programs suspending admission fall 21   
    Have you considered doing an MA elsewhere instead? Tufts, Williams, and Courtauld (one year) have the top rated programs. I'm going to the Courtauld and they do have a specialist in contemporary Asian art. You should also look into applying to fellowships such as Fulbright as an alternative. I would definitely hold off on applying for a PhD if you can't apply to your top programs (i'll probably be in the same boat) because you shouldn't compromise on something that is such a long term, career-defining commitment.
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    raye237 got a reaction from Artgirl87 in Columbia or Courtauld?   
    go to the Courtauld - super prestigous/great alumni network and still supposed to be an amazing program despite the construction. Columbia is better for your PhD and you won't come out with any loans. 
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    raye237 got a reaction from Arthistoryiscool in New York City Art Internships   
    Hi everyone! This may be a long shot but the wait for responses from NYC summer art internships (besides those that already have forums like the Met/Whitney/MoMA) is driving me crazy. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation so if any kind soul could share who they have at least heard back from at this point, it would be greatly appreciated!!!
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