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  1. Then i guess this confirms that anyone who didn't receive an email is either Rejected or waitlisted.
  2. No the email they sent me wasn't the Automated reply, it was directed to me, short, and with blue text for some reason... but it said the same thing. "Results of the 2019 PGSD competition were mailed last Friday. Thanks, Scholarships and Fellowships Division"
  3. I emailed them last Friday and they responded this morning saying "We already mailed the results out on Friday" so I don't know what that means...
  4. I heard some people also received rejections. I guess there's just a bunch of emails that haven't been sent yet. Trying to make sense of this is futile. From what I gather I think the process is just unorganized.. there's no patterns or anything. Just a chunk of the emails are yet to be sent. I think they sent the first batch of emails even though the rest wasn't done because they were trying to avoid a bunch of angry grad students or institutions saying they were late.
  5. This is part of their automatic reply whenever someone sends them an Email. I didn't receive any notification from then, so when I sent NSERC and email, the automated reply was sent to me and it included this part. Very frustrating.
  6. Congratulations!! Might I ask when did you receive the email?
  7. Anyone from Civil Engineering guys? Still waiting.
  8. Congratulations!! Was it by email?
  9. Congratulations! which province are you in?
  10. Congratulations guys! I haven't received anything yet, is it just me??
  11. This is nerve wrecking guys!! 😅
  12. Yesterday was exactly 17 weeks since the NSERC Deadline from institutes(25th of November), and today is the deadline for the 23 weeks for people applying directly to NSERC (15th of October)
  13. Do you guys think it will be up tomorrow?
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