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    chandl28 reacted to acciojenna in Canada MSW 2019   
    rejected my offer at laurier so hopefully that opens up a spot for you!!
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    chandl28 reacted to prospectclin in Canada MSW 2019   
    payment is due at u of t may 24th  
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    chandl28 got a reaction from sunflower21 in Canada MSW 2019   
    Lakehead one year HBSW acceptances have gone out. No email, but check MyInfo !
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    chandl28 got a reaction from msw96 in Canada MSW 2019   
    Lakehead one year HBSW acceptances have gone out. No email, but check MyInfo !
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    chandl28 reacted to MandaMSW in Canada MSW 2019   
    I just got the email for the waitlist at Laurier too.. just focusing on trusting that everything will work our and hoping to hear some good news soon enough! Best of luck to you!
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    chandl28 reacted to MSWgoals in Canada MSW 2019   
    Hey! The on-campus program takes about 70 students from what I have read in previous threads. Students have until april 21 to accept the offer so  the waitllist may move up soon! Hang in there  
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    chandl28 got a reaction from MandaMSW in Canada MSW 2019   
    What does it mean if you haven’t heard from Laurier either way yet?
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    chandl28 reacted to Purple-Elephant in Canada MSW 2019   
    I’m not the person you’re replying to but I got my BSW first and am now starting an advance standing MSW in September! Some benefits are that you get more placement hours, chances to build close relationships with social work professors (who make good references), a degree that better allows you to practice in the field before going for your MSW than a BA typically does, higher chances of acceptance to the MSW as opposed to 2 year programs, and it shaves off half the time from your MSW anyways so you don’t lose any money or time. The con is that you have to apply to two programs instead of just one and doing a 2 year MSW. 
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    chandl28 got a reaction from JanineW in Canada MSW 2019   
    The waitlist letter we received made it seem as if they don’t reconsider until after the May 24th deadline to accept the wait-list ... but I hope this is not the case! 
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    chandl28 reacted to SwagMaster in Canada MSW 2019   
    Hey guys! I applied to UofT multiple times over the years and I'm a current student. I'm hoping I can clarify some things that for anyone who applied this year. 
    Do they come out in waves? There is no evidence from the past few years that admission comes out in waves. All official results (acceptances, waitlist, rejections) come out at once, with maybe a 1-2 day administrative delay. This happens in Feb. for advanced standing, and March for 2-year. 
    Do they come out according by last name? Perhaps some people may receive a response a few hours or 1-2 days before other people, but as I said above, they usually happen pretty close together. 
    Is the invited status accurate? I've been following these forums for a few years now. Usually there is 1 person a year who will say that they didn't get "invited" but received an acceptance. I've never heard of someone who had "invited" but didn't get in. 
    Acorn still says "Financially cancelled" or some other status from previous years? Last year there was a previous UofT student whose status remained as "Financially cancelled" but later got an acceptance. Seems possible that the previous status can hide whether or not you get the "invited" status
    I hope this clears it up for those who had questions. Best of luck!
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    chandl28 reacted to mswash in Canada MSW 2019   
    Just found this in the 2018 thread, posted in early April! Link: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/94586-canadian-msw-applicants-2018/?page=63
    "This is my first time posting, but have been reading and participating from afar...
    I just found out over the last 2 hours that I got into UofT (2 year full time) AND Laurier (2 year full-time)!!!!
     my ACORN was never updated, I thought I had been rejected. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted, and to all those still waiting HAVE FAITH- I can 100% relate."
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