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    MSWgoals reacted to Jessica_11 in Canada MSW 2019   
    One of the emails I received from Laurier said that course selection will open up mid-May and that we would receive an email with information about it.  I keep checking my Laurier and personal email and haven't received any emails so I don't think it has started yet.
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    MSWgoals reacted to MandaMSW in Canada MSW 2019   
    I was looking at that yesterday.. it looks like all of the residence building are at the Waterloo or Brantford campus. There doesn’t seem to be anything at the Kitchener/ Social Work campus. I think the options would be to either, A) live on residence at Waterloo and commute from there, or B ) find something off-campus close by. 
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    MSWgoals reacted to Purple-Elephant in Canada MSW 2019   
    King's markets itself as a clinical program, whereas Laurier focuses a lot on being critically reflexive. Maybe King's isn't mentioned when people discuss clinical schools just because the program is smaller/less known? King's probably has less placement opportunities because there are far less students. I do have a friend who did the 1-year program at King's, and a few other classmates from my BSW who went through their program as well. I actually sat in on one of their classes once with a BSW colleague who was in their program, because I always had my heart set on going there! The people I have talked to really liked the courses and the professors there. 
    You may not have been offered a funding package up front, but Laurier in general has MUCH BETTER scholarship, award and grant opportunities that you will be able to apply for over the next two years as a student. Laurier in general has a LOT OF money! I have heard they have so much money because they are a business school. I did my BSW and undergrad both at Renison (UWaterloo), but grew up in the London area. KW seems to have a better network of social service agencies, to be honest. It is more progressive and has more opportunity than the London area.
    I think visiting the schools is going to be a game changer for you! 
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    MSWgoals reacted to MswMitch in Canada MSW 2019   
    Hi all,
    Congrats to everyone that got in!  I'm an Ontario applicant and was accepted to the 2 year MSW at UBC-O. I will be attending in the fall. To those that didn't get in to U of T/Laurier and are looking into clinical programs, I strongly encourage you to consider UBC-O's program if you are willing to relocate. Additionally, the school primarily looks at grades for admission (stated on website), and could work to your benefit if you are lacking experience but are strong academically. For those that didn't get in this round, stay persistent. If this field is truly what you want, it will come with dedication.
    Best of luck to everyone!
    - Mitch 
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    MSWgoals got a reaction from chandl28 in Canada MSW 2019   
    Hey! The on-campus program takes about 70 students from what I have read in previous threads. Students have until april 21 to accept the offer so  the waitllist may move up soon! Hang in there  
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    MSWgoals reacted to lisafara in Canada MSW 2019   
    I applied to McGill's QY MSW program last year, and felt exactly the same way. Much like you, I have a lot of experience. I have 7 years of work experience as a counselor, I facilitate groups on a monthly basis, and have worked in three different social service settings as an employee. I have a BA and a CEJEP diploma in social services. Plus, I supervise students to train them in the field of social work. On top of that, my grades were good too. I had been waiting to apply for McGill for 10 years and on the first try I was immediately rejected. I was completely crushed. However, this year I applied again and I was put onto their waiting list, and I made contacts in their department and started doing more alongside my full time job as a crisis counselor. I took more classes and boosted up my GPA, I got lots of feedback about the application before I submitted it, and sent out emails to people in the department. I think that revising a statement of interest always helps, and going directly to their department and asking them how to improve it for next year can go a long way. I did that, and now im on the waiting list. Despite how frustrating that is, I still find that its better than an outright refusal. It also depends on how competitive the program is, so don't take it personally either. For example my program of interest accepts 20 people every year out of hundreds of applicants. I really think that it's important to remember that your value or your capabilities are not validated by an acceptance to your program of choice. You are already awesome and doing your best. It really is the luck of the draw sometimes, and try not to let it get you down!  I'm sending you good positive vibes!!
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    MSWgoals reacted to Jessica_11 in Canada MSW 2019   
    Hi Nicole!

    Thanks so much for sharing some information about your schedule for the first few semesters of the MSW program at Laurier.  How are you enjoying the program so far? Do you have any others tips or words of wisdom for those of us who are just starting the program? I was also wondering if you found that you were able to buy used textbooks and what the approximate cost was for textbooks during your first two terms?
     I am starting this September and am really looking forward to it!!

    Thanks in advance!
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    MSWgoals got a reaction from the.social.nurse in Canada MSW 2019   
    Thank you  I got an email on Friday and it changed on my LORIS as well! 
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    MSWgoals reacted to JosephineJ in Canada MSW 2019   
    Agreed lol. The odd thing is, mine just states “No Decision Yet”. My friends has “No Decision Yet - Under Consideration” I wonder if there’s a difference. I am scared haha. 
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    MSWgoals got a reaction from Giantoreo in Canada MSW 2019   
    I'm wondering the same thing for the 2-year program! It still says "under consideration" I'd rather they stated "rejected" just so I have an answer haha 
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    MSWgoals got a reaction from JosephineJ in Canada MSW 2019   
    I'm wondering the same thing for the 2-year program! It still says "under consideration" I'd rather they stated "rejected" just so I have an answer haha 
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    MSWgoals reacted to FeministDreams in Canada MSW 2019   
    Mine says admitted for the 2 year York program!!
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    MSWgoals reacted to MDS96 in Canada MSW 2019   
    Thank you! No, not even an email either. It must've just happened. 
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    MSWgoals reacted to SageAU in Canada MSW 2019   
    I just created one!
    Laurier MSW 2 Year FT 2019-2021
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    MSWgoals reacted to Purple-Elephant in Canada MSW 2019   
    I’m not the person you’re replying to but I got my BSW first and am now starting an advance standing MSW in September! Some benefits are that you get more placement hours, chances to build close relationships with social work professors (who make good references), a degree that better allows you to practice in the field before going for your MSW than a BA typically does, higher chances of acceptance to the MSW as opposed to 2 year programs, and it shaves off half the time from your MSW anyways so you don’t lose any money or time. The con is that you have to apply to two programs instead of just one and doing a 2 year MSW. 
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    MSWgoals got a reaction from f*ckthepatriarchy in Canada MSW 2019   
    Hi all,
    long time lurker! 
    I have been accepted to the 2 year on campus program at Laurier! I was rejected from U of T and lost hope.. and received an acceptance email from Laurier, which was my first choice initially!! Still waiting on York however, and the online Laurier MSW... but the reality of leaving my full time job and returning to school is slowly hitting me. 😅
    Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear back and congrats to anyone that already has! Don’t give up hope just yet! I didn’t think I’d get accepted after that constant refreshing of ACORN to only be rejected from U of T.   Sending positive vibes to you all xo 
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    MSWgoals reacted to gradstudiescan in Canada MSW 2019   
    So far for 2 year MSW:
    U of Calgary: Offer of Admission
    U of Toronto: Waitlisted
    WLU: Offer of Admission
    U of Windsor: haven't heard yet
    I feel pretty good  ...leaning towards U of C as I live in Calgary
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    MSWgoals reacted to Jessica_11 in Canada MSW 2019   
    I just got an email acceptance and update on Loris from Laurier about a half hour ago !!! I'm so happy!!!! 
    Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear and congratulations to all who have been accepted!! For those who were not accepted this year, don't give up!!
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    MSWgoals reacted to MSW2019 in Canada MSW 2019   
    Congratulations! Do you mind me asking what your last initial is?
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    MSWgoals reacted to mgauth12 in Canada MSW 2019   
    I've officially been accepted to both the Laurier and U of T 2 year programs! I'm leaning towards Laurier so there will most likely be a spot open at U of T!
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