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  1. Hi! Anyone else going to Ohio State for Fall 2020? I'll be joining the psychology program 😊
  2. School: The Ohio State University Type of Program: Clinical Acceptance Date: 1/15/2020
  3. Does anyone have advice on what to wear for "business casual"? UMass Amherst's clinical weekend has one day with a business casual dress code and one day with a professional dress code. I'm wondering (for women applicants) if a nice sweater is business casual-y enough or if I should wear a colored blazer and dark jeans.
  4. The longest time I waited for a follow-up after a phone interview was ~25 days (it was over the holiday break so I knew it would be a while), it was really tempting to email them back but I ended up waiting it out -- I would only reach out if you had to (e.g. to resolve interview date conflicts).
  5. My general Skype advice: Make sure that you give them your Skype username or the email that you used to make your Skype account before the interview takes place (esp if you're like me and you have multiple Skype accounts), and make sure that they can find your account easily on Skype if they search by your username/email Give the interviewer your cell phone number as a backup If you wear glasses, turn your screen brightness as low as you're comfortable with; this will reduce glare in your glasses Try to have a neutral/non-reflective background, wear something nice inclu
  6. I think they mean that, as long as you submit your application before the deadline (usually Dec 1), timing doesn't impact your application. An application submitted on September 30th has the same impact as one submitted on November 30th; things may get dicey if materials are submitted after the deadline though.
  7. I got an interview at Temple (assumed rejection from Fordham though, sadly) and I think it came down to fit with the PI; my undergrad and postbacc experience matched up well with the PI's research interests. I also emphasized statistics/data science in my applications: minored in stats in undergrad, worked a lot with data as postbacc, in my SOPs I mentioned specific techniques that PIs used (dyadic data analysis, Bayesian stuff, behaviorally-coded data, etc.); I think this helped PIs overlook my remarkably average GRE quant score.
  8. Miami's Ohio interview days are either Feb 3 or Feb 7; I think most have gone out by now.
  9. Me too! (Also when GSU’s interview weekend will be) Thanks!
  10. For one school I interviewed at, they sent me info on who I would be staying with on Tuesday when they knew I was flying in on Thursday. I would try to wait if you can.
  11. Has anyone heard from Georgia State for clinical interviews?
  12. If you don’t want to wear a pant suit, what about a dress with a blazer?
  13. To the poster on the Results page, unfortunately yes, the invite email for South Florida's clinical program seemed to be a mass email (or individual emails sent en masse); it came from the admissions coordinator.
  14. FYI: Invites for Indiana Bloomington's clinical science program should be all out by the end of next week; their interview weekend will take place Feb 21st.
  15. Congrats to the poster who got a Skype interview at South Florida! Would you mind messaging me your POI? Thanks!
  16. The University of Rhode Island doesn't require the general GRE.
  17. School: Temple University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of Invite: 12/22/19 Type of Invite: Email from chair Interview date(s): 01/13/20 I received the email at 8:30AM on a Sunday ... happy holidays y'all!
  18. Small rant: Thanks for the happy holiday email and the heart attack, Fordham and Georgia State Shoutout to UC Boulder for adding me to their prospective MBA mailing list, even though I never demonstrated any interest in business ever
  19. To the Temple University poster, would you mind DMing me your POI and letting me know if the email was sent by the POI or the director/admin? Thanks!
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