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  1. Thanks again. I have met him in person and things are going well
  2. Thank you MarineBluePsy. I have written to the advisor, explaining that fellowship and living cost are the main reasons. Though the advisor accepted this, he held the view that the scholarship from his university is generous, so that living cost should not become a problem...I am writing a second email to explain it more clearly...
  3. raycosine

    Decisions Help!

    Agree with yjkim192 too. While applying PhD, master students are required higher than bachelor students, because they has two or three more years experiences. For the PhD program, the ranking doesn't matter, but you need find out how the reputation and the work of the research area is, how the former PhD's careers are, and so on.
  4. How to reject PhD offer politely should be a duplicate question...But for me, it's harder to find a polite and gentle way to tell the advisor my decision, because I am taking an research intern in his lab and will continue staying for over two months and have several meeting with the advisor...Only take research into consideration, it's a good choice to continue PhD here, but the reasons I have to accept another offer are: The fellowship - living cost: another offer has much more money Deadline: the decision deadline of another offer is coming, and the offer from this 'to be home' university would not come until May. Anyway I have to write the email to tell the advisor my decision, but I'm currently very worried and want to listen to some advice. Thank you in advance!!
  5. It seems I made a silly mistake...The secretary told me that the fellowship provides 36 unit per year instead of 36 in total...
  6. Thanks StHoly, I emailed secretary..hope they will give a detailed explanation for the funding offer..That make me a little shocked because I previously thought offer=full tuition waived :(...
  7. Hi all, I have almost decided to accept USC's EE PhD offer, but I suddenly found out that the fellowship (Annenberg, $34000 per year (1 year fellowship+3 year TA/RA) provides 'Payment of up to 36 units of tuition to be used for courses counting towards the PhD degree', while completing the PhD program requires 60 units. From USC's website, each unit costs over 2000 dollars, which is very expensive if I have to pay for the remaining 24 units myself...I expected that I could save $7.7k~14k each year without considering the tuition fees. but if the 24 units are included, I have to pay 12k each year for 4 years.... The handbook says "If you wish to exceed the number of units stated in your offer letter, please contact your academic department’s staff graduate advisor for advisement. Requests for additional tuition over the fellowship are reviewed on a case by case basis by the GAPP Office." But I'm not sure whether it's hard or easy to get additional tuition fees paid... I have the following questions: Do I really need to pay the remaining 24 units by myself? If that's true, does anyone has any advice on balancing the tight budgets.... Thanks in advance!

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