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  1. Just got my email. Semifinalist for Swahili!! So excited! Fingers crossed for finalist!! For anyone who did not get selected as a semifinalist on their first try, please do not feel discouraged. I got rejected from the first cut in 2018 when I first applied. I strongly urge you to reapply and I am more than happy to help future applicants!
  2. This gives me so much hope! I have been getting emails from Harvard like once or twice a month now, and I just hope and pray I get selected so they can also keep bugging me lol
  3. THANK GOD you found out!!! I have been getting mini heart attacks checking my email every day
  4. God I am horribly anxious. I check my email like five times a minute
  5. Has anyone heard back with an update on their alternate status?
  6. Hi everyone, I created a Facebook Page for Boren winners (scholars and fellows) for 2019-2020. The group is called "2019-2020 Boren Scholars and Fellows". I hope it becomes a place where people can share pictures and videos and thoughts about their experiences and also questions about anything once their experience begins. I am unable to share the link on here for whatever reasons, technical difficulties may be. However, you can add me on Facebook by searching "Abiodun Adeoye" and there is a picture of me wearing a maroon jacket and posing with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. I hope you al
  7. Hi! I never thought anyone would respond to my message because all correspondence seemed to stop after the initial decision date on April 15! I will definitely add you to the group! Feel free to message me your facebook link! I am so excited!
  8. Hi guys, I got the Boren AFLI Tanzania for 2019-2020 and I recently found this forum! This is so exciting! To everyone who did not get it this year, you are just as great as everyone who got it and I hope it does not deter you from applying again next year. I am so glad that this forum is very encouraging and supportive of people regardless of their status as a Boren applicant. I was wondering if you guys have a Facebook or LinkedIn so we can create a group? I want to create a Facebook group for 2019-2020 winners, and one for everyone in general so future applicants can join the group for
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