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    Pingping2019 got a reaction from lsep in UK PhD funding only covers tuition fees - should I take it or not?   
    Hello folks, I am a non-EU student trying to do a phd in a social science field in the UK and I was lucky to be offered funding for my tuition fees at one university. As a non-EU citizen I don't have access to research council funding, so the only option I have is internal funding from the university and the department.
    On one hand, I feel that doing a phd without full funding support is going to be very challenging. I will be able to earn a little bit from teaching, but it'd be impossible to live on that only. So I'd have to rely on family support or get part-time jobs. This is obviously something I'd like to avoid. 
    On the other, I realise that phd funding for international students in the UK is scarce, and there's no guarantee that I'll get any funding at all if I apply again next year. So I don't feel very confident turning it down. After all I want to start a phd this year. 
    I'd appreciate it if you could share your views on this, or your experiences if you were in a similar situation. Would it be best to put it off one year and reapply for full funding support? Or should I just take it?  
    (I guess one option is to keep looking for additional funding that will contribute towards my living expenses, but there doesn't seem to be many opportunities. Perhaps you guys could direct me to where I can find more information on this?) 
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