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  1. Has anyone decided/committed to a program yet? I'd love to see where people are going I committed to Brown's BSHS program this morning, so excited to meet anyone headed there as well!
  2. Also worth noting that all departments within the same school can have different funding available! All of my funding is related to health behavior, but I know it can be totally different for nutrition/EHS 😊
  3. When I interviewed and asked about funding, the health behavior admissions member said that they only guarantee funding for the first year as they are a state school with not enough private funding! I’m not sure what program you interviewed with but maybe the funding is different? 😊
  4. Wow that’s amazing! I didn’t apply because of how competitive the program is/fear of rejection (lol), but definitely wishing I had 😊 I hope this is one of your options, it’s such a phenomenal program!!!
  5. Wow thank you so much for making this, it will be so helpful for people applying next year especially! 😊 My only contribution is that you’re right that UNC does only guarantee funding for the first year (unsure stipend amount), after that you’re on own I believe to find your own funding unfortunately ☹️
  6. I was waitlisted for International Health - Social and Behavioral Interventions! If you have not heard, I would definitely email as they should be able to tell you your status (this is the only way I knew I was waitlisted)
  7. Did anyone else apply to UMass Amherst? I submitted my application through SOPHAS for the Community Health Education program back in November, and they just told me today I should have submitted a supplement with it. Did anyone else not get the supplement? RIP my application
  8. Thank you so so much! I hope you are hearing good news, this process is such a crapshoot!!
  9. This completely happened to me, I was SUPER heartbroken. I definitely think the informal chat can go a long way once you are accepted, and if you find another advisor at JHU that is willing to work with you then I would recommend a switch provided this POI does not seem like a good match
  10. Thank you so much! 😊 Thank you so much!! Have you decided on Brown?! 😊
  11. By *~magic~* somehow just accepted into the BSHS program at Brown! I think decisions are taking a while to get updated officially into the portal, so please don’t fret if you’re waiting 🥰
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