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  1. UW is really high on my list! I'm from Western Washington and trying to work back in my hometown after I graduate. I also want to work with some very specific organizations in Seattle, so this is going to be a really difficult choice to make come April.
  2. I submitted right at the deadline, January 15th I believe?
  3. Also just received an acceptance through e-mail! It also includes the $$ information too, in case anyone is looking at financial aid. Also, I really need to turn off e-mail notifications because I have no poker face and these e-mails tend to come in the middle of work meetings...
  4. Accepted to the MPP program with a $25k/year merit scholarship! This is my first acceptance after so much imposter syndrome for the last few months. Glad to finally breathe and feeling extremely grateful 😭
  5. Did anyone else get this e-mail or text? I'm assuming the notification date is still in mid-February?
  6. This is super interesting to me (pros and cons of MBA in policy work) and I would love to hear more about this in a separate thread. I've only seen some older articles or posts on this topic.
  7. Is anyone here looking into HKS's work in digital governance? If so, I'd love to just share some ideas and get feedback!
  8. @Yass, is there a recording available of the first session?
  9. Hate to burst your bubble (and I wish it wasn't true!) but I haven't submitted my application yet and attended the event. I think it may just be how some professor title their slides, or perhaps in previous years/quarters it was for admitted students.
  10. Thanks so much for this! I'd be interested in the following: How did you demonstrate your quantitative background, particularly on the quant resumes required by HKS and SIPA? What do you think are the elements that compensated for your GPA, outside of your GRE score?
  11. Did anyone apply or is considering applying for the CEG fellowship? I'm really interested in it and the topic aligns well with my career goals, but can't find much information outside of the website. Understandable, since it is new.
  12. Harris School applicant here, although for the next deadline—I simply do not have my life together enough to apply so early. I was considering the MSCAPP first, but my current options are 1) MPP, 2) MSCAPP. Sending you positive vibes as you finish up your application this week!
  13. I'm making a final decision between MPA-ID and MPP soon (leaning MPP, as I always have) but the quantitative resume is really freaking me out...
  14. I have a computer science background, so there are some transferrable quantitative skills but definitely lacking in the economics background (compared to say, econ majors.) I haven't had a chance to listen to an admissions webinar to hear their answers on how quant they want applicants or students to be. That being said, I do believe the general statement, "We want to see if you can learn what we teach you" probably has some truth. Hopefully other folks have a better understanding of what they're looking for in the quant realm.
  15. Not to derail from the current conversation, but I'll be applying in this cycle. Happy to talk through the process or try not to get super anxious about it with anyone else!
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