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  1. WELL YOU WANT IT... So I got admitted to a PhD program that that I finally decide to attend. I had had 4 other offers, some even higher ranked schools that the one I accepted to join. I rejected all those 4 offers and accepted this program. Then what happened? This school emailed me and said that they had to cancel all the admissions for my program. So they had to rescind all the offers they made. Probably because of COVID19. I was shocked. I contacted all the other 4 schools I rejected and asked if I could be reconsidered for the position. They said that they already gave my spot to waitlisted students and informed them. So I literally went from 5 offers to choose from to 0. At the moment, I am all fucked. Not sure how anything will resolve. What I don't get is that how they can be so unprofessional. It makes NO SENSE.
  2. I believe it's Loyola University Chicago PhD program in Cultural and Educational Policy Studies because i'm in the SAME SITUATION. I declined 4 other schools because the POI and other faculty were really nice in Loyola but now when I tried to contact other schools I declined, they all say that they gave my spot to waitlisted candidates. So I have gone from having 5 offers to 0 because of this irresponsible action. It's such a disappointment.
  3. What I can suggest you is that reach out to those couple of professors you have found and ask them if there are other faculty members they know that work on the issues of your interest. My interests are somewhat very specific and considered as a newly emerging literature in education so I had to ask around to find certain professors that actually work on issues of my interest. Good luck!
  4. Placement Mentorship Curriculum Professional development opportunities Collaboration with faculty Teaching opportunities Summer/research/conference travel funding Intellectual climate of the program/university Diversity Methodological variety Availability of interdisciplinary collaboration with other programs/institutes These are the general topics I have asked to the colleges I got accepted. You can generate your own wording for these but I believe placement/conference funding and diversity (especially for international students) are especially important to ask.
  5. I believe it depends on the school who accepted you for PhD. The ranking of the university matters in this case, if you aim to start your PhD at a top 10 school, then MA would be a wise route, but if you want to start for PhD asap, then continue with the offer you got.
  6. Mearsheimer, John J. “Back to the Future: Instability in Europe after the Cold War.” International Security, vol. 15, no. 1, 1990, pp. 5–56. JSTOR, www.jstor.org/stable/2538981. Mearsheimer, J.J. (2019) ‘Bound to Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Liberal International Order’. International Security 43 (4), 7–50 I believe Mearsheimer (of UChicago) explains really well how and why liberal international order rose to top while realist order lost its significance after Cold War. Additionally, I suggest the second article in which he explains how Trump's election with many other reasons actually have caused this liberal international order to lose its power and possibly transform the world into a bipolar international order where USA and China will be the main powers.
  7. Your interest and commitment seem incredible! I hope you will make it to the program, if the professors from Georgetown are reading this thread, please let her in! You deserve this program more than anyone Good luck!
  8. Oh yeah, I meant interview! Damn autocorrect
  9. Northwestern University? I have an important there next week, getting prepared anxiously.
  10. There is a difference between being cautious and self-aware.
  11. I believe it’s mostly because of people applying to 20+ schools. I don’t know what’s wrong with applying to 3 ambitious 3 moderate and 3 safe schools. The greedier the applicants, the harder the application process is.
  12. This is the email I have received from DGS at Syracuse: Thanks for reaching out. We are finalizing our first round admits and waitlist candidates this week, and will email everyone very soon.
  13. https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/11-government-affairs/ I think this thread would be more effective in answering your questions regarding Public Affairs programs.
  14. I'm an international student, as well. I have not heard from Syracuse yet.
  15. Google hires lots of Analytic Linguists (not necessarily computational linguistics).
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