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  1. I have just got selected for the interviews for Northwestern University - Learning Sciences PhD program. Unofficially contacted by POI listed in SOP that I was selected for the interviews with the faculty and I should hear something soon. Excited as this is my dream program
  2. That is me. I got my rejection letter yesterday and I am very in touch with the DGS, she told me herself that the decisions were made on Wed.
  3. I believe this would not be a problem if you were admitted. It is relatively easier for departments that do not require a writing sample from all applicants. Moreover, 20 days should not be considered so short. Many departments start reviewing applications as soon as the deadline hits.
  4. I am not %100 sure about the Political Science department but I was admitted to OSU's Educational Policy program with 5y full funding couple days ago. I hope it is the same for PoliSci too.
  5. I applied to the CCTE program at UNC and asked when I might expect to hear from them, the program coordinator emailed me this: The deadline for PhD admissions is February 11, and final decisions about who is admitted to the program will be sent out by the end of February. Hope this helps.
  6. I have just got accepted to Ohio State University - Teacher Education Policy and Leadership PhD program. Fingers crossed for all of you!
  7. It was for Peace Studies + Political Science program of Kroc Institute. Not for Political Science only.
  8. Someone just posted an acceptance result for Ed. Policy and Leadership PhD program.
  9. Loyola University Chicago - Cultural and Educational Policy Studies Interview dates: 30-31 January
  10. I applied for their Educational Policy PhD program and asked when I may expect to hear a decision from them. This is the email they sent me: Thank you for reaching out! We are asking faculty to have a decision by May. However, depending on the size of your program there is a good chance it will be sooner. Education Policy and Leadership is a smaller program so you very well may hear back within the next 2 months. Hope this helps.
  11. I have just got an email asking for an interview at Loyola University Chicago - Cultural and Educational Policy Studies. Interview dates: 30-31 January.
  12. I have seen couple of posts about Emory giving out interviews. Has anyone here got it yet?
  13. What parts of security studies are you mostly interested? I have applied to couple programs in peace studies as well.
  14. kemalgider

    HGSE 2020

    Wouldn't it be more appropriate to talk about Vandy in 2020 Fall Applications forum? I believe this specific title is dedicated to Harvard Graduate School of Education and related applications.
  15. I applied to 5 programs in the US. Currently, I am working on my MA dissertation about international recognition and conflict resolution in the Middle East. My MA degree is Global Diplomacy from a UK institution.
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