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  1. Not a dumb question! No I didn't. I honestly don't think anyone on the admissions committee is going to care that much. They are reviewing your writing ability, not the actual content of the paper. That's the job of editorial boards!
  2. Yep that's exactly what I'm doing! I took the most recent (nearly final) draft of my manuscript and just removed the abstract, figures, and references.
  3. Hi all, I'm applying to Fairleigh Dickinson's clinical psych program, and wanted to see if anyone else applying has any insight on the format of the personal statement. The instructions given on PSYCAS are as follows: " A Personal Statement [Required]. You should submit a personal statement describing why you are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in Clinical Psychology. You should describe your profession-related experiences including teaching, research and human services work, and how they relate to this interest. At the end of the personal statement tell us about yourself, your
  4. To anyone with experience reapplying to a program - should you address in your personal statement the fact that this is your second time applying? I was thinking this would make sense, so that I could comment on what I learned through attending that program's interview last year.
  5. Does anyone have any insight on how many people are put on the waitlist for John Jay's Clinical Psych PhD program? I'm currently on that list and wish I knew what my chances looked like.
  6. Thank you for the clarification! To your knowledge, are professors still in the process of extending invitations to interview? (ie., if I haven’t yet heard from my POI, is there still a chance?) Would it be worth reaching out to my POI individually to inquire?
  7. This morning I emailed the UOttawa graduate program assistant, who just informed me that they are still reviewing applications. She also told me that interviews are not a part of the admissions process for their clinical psych program...is that true? I ask because I thought I saw that someone in this thread was invited to interview at UOttawa? Confused.
  8. Literally was just told that as I was rejected an hour ago. Really hurts. Though I was honest about the reality of my situation with her, and she gave some good advice.
  9. I think she called out of courtesy, because we talked quite a bit throughout the interview process - it would’ve been highly impersonal/inconsistent to reject me over email. She’s a very kind person and we had a lot of good conversations. So I appreciate her making the time. There were only two candidates for her lab, so *technically* I’m waitlisted but I doubt the other applicant will reject the offer.
  10. Sadly it was bad news! But it was an insightful conversation. Encouraged me to reapply next year if she has an opening.
  11. Wahh, thanks guys, very much hope you are right! Will update either way!
  12. Oh boy, just got an email from my POI who I interviewed with 1.5 weeks ago asking if I have time tomorrow to chat briefly...anyone have any insight on if this is good or bad? Heart is POUNDING.
  13. Hi all, I just had an interview on Friday, and I know that the school will be meeting to make their decisions this week. However, the current version of my CV that they have is not entirely up to date (I was given a new/higher up position and more responsibilities in my lab since I applied). Would it be worthwhile to send the DCT my updated CV so they'll have it as they make their decisions? Or would that look bad?
  14. Is Queens totally done inviting people for committee interviews (with faculty other than your POI)?
  15. I also interviewed in January, and no word here either.
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